Contractor profile

The Spanish Council of Ministers approved on 27th January 2006 the creation of the National Cybersecurity Institute PLC (INCIBE) with the aim of promoting both Knowledge Society and developments in communication technology.

For the purposes of contracting INCIBE shall be considered as a Public Sector Entity and a Contracting Authority which is not a Public Administration. The contracts entered into by INCIBE shall be subject to the rules of articles 189 to 191 of the Spanish Royal Decree 3/2011, on public sector contracts known as the TRLCSP. Consequently, there are two different types of contracts:

a)    Contracts subject to the harmonized regulations (article 190 of the LCSP). Their legal regime is stipulated by Chapter I: Title I of Book II, and the special rules contained in article 174 LSCP.

b)    Contracts not subject to harmonized regulation (article 191 LCSP). Their legal regime is stipulated by the INCIBE´s internal contracting instructions that are available to any interested person, on this web site.

INCIBE is committed to the principles of publicity, competition, transparency, confidentiality, equal treatment and non-discrimination in all of its contracting activities, ensuring the efficient use of funds destined to works execution, acquisition of goods and to contract services, by requiring previous definition of the needs to be satisfied, the safeguard of free competition and the application of two award criteria only: "the lowest price" and "the most economically advantageous tender".

On this profile the tenders and contracts will be published according to the aforementioned Regulations.

INCIBE´s profile as contracting party is also available at Plataforma de Contratación del Estado, as required under the article 309 of the Spanish Public Contracts Act, by selecting the "perfil del contratante" tab and then introducing as a search parameter Instituto Nacional de Ciberseguridad de España S.A. (INCIBE) in the cell "Nombre de la Administración".