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Accessibility Declaration

Accessibility to the Web Site of INCIBE

Accessibility Policy

A series of measures have been adopted during the construction of the Web Site of INCIBE in order to improve its accessibility. This involves a series of advantages, such as:

  • Facilitating the access to users, regardless of their physical condition or environment.
  • Granting access with different user agents.
  • Including clear and well structured contents.
  • Improving the browsing capabilities and experience of the user.

The following measures have been adopted, among others:

  • Use of CSS for the presentation of the information.
  • Alternative text on images.
  • Links offer different details of the function or destination of the hyperlink.
  • Use of W3C standards.
  • Access to the main options with shortcut keys.

Compliance with standards

The pages in this Web Site comply with the AA conformity level, in accordance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 of the W3C. All verification points with Priority 1 and Priority 2 were checked with the T.A.W. tool in the automatic revision mode. In addition, the manual analysis of the accessibility has been carried out with different semi-automatic tools, user agents and technical assistance by the team of analysts of the Reference Centre of Accessibility and Web Standards of INCIBE.

The pages in this Web Site have been written in valid XHTML 1.0 code. To obtain more information about the accessibility of the pages in this Web Site, visit the portal of W3C.