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Catalogues of programmes in cybersecurity

Last update September 2020


Cybersecurity is a profession with a future: in Europe there will be a shortage of 350,000 specialists in 2022 and it will reach 1.5 million worldwide by 2020. Data from the 2017 Global Information Security Workforce Study, prepared by (ISC)2.

With these future prospects, more and more people are considering cybersecurity as a professional career and looking for training resources to specialise in the subject.

In response to this demand, INCIBE has updated two catalogues that gather the available academic cybersecurity offering in Spain:

Catálogo másteres pdf document

Catálogo Instituciones pdf document

The catalogues are periodically updated and we work to include all existing training programmes that meet the requirements. However, some changes or new training programmes may not be appear in the current version. Any request for correction, inclusion, deletion or update of contents can be transferred to t a l e n t o p u n t o c i b e r s e g u r i d a d a r r o b a i n c i b e p u n t o e s

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