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Inspirational Days Ciberemprende

The cybersecurity sector is booming and is increasingly present in the daily life of all, entrepreneurs, self-employed, SMEs, etc.. In order to promote these entrepreneurial opportunities, INCIBE, through its Ciberemprende initiative, offers a series of free inspirational workshops with the objective of identifying opportunities for the development of entrepreneurial projects in the cybersecurity sector, which would allow both professionals who want to reorient their careers and those companies that want to incorporate new products or services into their portfolios, to seek support resources and on-line help. These conferences will help to know and understand, in an easy and simple way, how to get oriented in the cybersecurity sector.

In total, a series of 12 sessions were held between the cities of Madrid, Barcelona and León during the months of March and December 2016.

Characteristics of the Inspirational Days

The days will be structured in four hours each one with a pause where they will be able to exchange impressions and experiences. Each day will be structured with the following points:

  1. Reception of participants.
  2. Presentation and welcome.
  3. Presentation of the case of success/use in cybersecurity on the subject to be dealt with.
  4. Sources of inspiration to promote business ideas.
  5. Development of practical cases through the Canvas Model.
  6. Existing resources and support services.
  7. Closing of the day and questions and doubts.


Jornadas Inspiracionales

Jornadas Inspiracionales