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Cybersecurity Research National Conferences (JNIC)


VI Spanish Cybersecurity Research Conference (JNIC) has ended with a great success.

Next edition will be held in 2022 by Tecnalia in Bilbao. Stay alert for future news about the future VII JNIC edition!

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The Cybersecurity Research National Conferences (JNIC) are a scientific congress that constitutes a meeting point where different actors working in the field of cybersecurity research (universities, technological and research centres, companies and public authorities) can exchange knowledge and experience with the shared goal of strengthening research in the Cybersecurity field at the national level.

Why are these Conferences run?

The need to run these kind of conferences was identified during the drafting of the Summary report of the feasibility study and design of a network of centers of excellence in R & D in cybersecurity, with the consensus of participants.

The strategic plan of the Spanish Network of Excellence on Cybersecurity Research included in measure 17 the creation of national cybersecurity R&D&i conferences, intended to be the scientific meeting point in which both the Network of Excellence in particular and the research ecosystem in general could demonstrate their capacities, both in terms of knowledge and talent and in terms of research findings and their potential for transference to market.

Equally, measure 12 of the study proposed awarding grants for research excellence, designing an open call for proposals with mechanisms to evaluate and select candidates.

Who organises the conferences?

Mapa sedes JNICUniversidad de León, JNIC 2015 Universidad de Granada, JNIC 2016 Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, JNIC 2017 Mondragon Uniberstsitatea, JNIC 2018 Universidad de Extremadura y Universidad Complutense de Madrid, JNIC 2019 Universidad de Castilla-LaMancha, JNIC 2021 Live Tecnalia, JNIC 2022

Each edition of the conferences is organised by the institution selected according to the procedure laid out in the regulation of the JNIC.

An organising committee is named based on the regulations established for the JNIC, with the General chair of the committee being the representative from the organising institution who is responsible for the event.

The Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) in its mission to support research in cybersecurity for strengthening the cybersecurity industry, participates in the organization of this conference.

What editions have been held?

Up to now, 6 editions of JNIC has been held:

Which is the next edition?

JNIC 2022 will be organized by Tecnalia.

JNIC2022 will be held in: Bilbao (hosted by Tecnalia)

More information about the event will be available soon.

How can I participate?

Researchers interested in participating in the next JNIC edition will be able to send their papers according to the calls for papers (or CFP) that will be published at the JNIC2019 homepage for current edition.

What awards are there?

Each edition presents its call for awards. The next edition will publish the expected awards and their categories in the web that will enable for the event.

How can I register to attend?

Attendance at the conference is done through the registration process that will be enabled on the available website for next edition. The details of the registration process will be published in that, before mentioned, website.

How can I be the organiser for next edition?

JNIC can be organized by universities, research centers and technology centers conducting research in cybersecurity, as long as they are established in Spanish territory.

The period for the registration of candidates to organise the next edition opens, around two months before JNIC conference is held, and closes around two weeks before JNIC conference is held.

Candidate organisations must supply the following basic documentation: venue, budget, dates, individual responsible for organising the event, infrastructure and services, and other details, filling and submitting the application form to host the next edition.

The executive committee for the present JNIC analyses and discusses the information received from the candidate applications presented and selects the one it considers the most suitable on objective grounds.

With the intention of reinforcing the national decentralised character of this event, priority will be given to candidate centres based in cities where none of the previous five editions of the JNIC has been held in.

What are upcoming dates to make a note of?

For the current JNIC edition, the expected phases are:

  • Call For Papers deadline: Expired
  • Opening of JNIC 2021 LIVE registration period: Expired
  • Deadline to apply as JNIC2022 organizer: Expired
  • Celebration of the Conference JNIC 2021 LIVE: June, 9th - 10th 2021

What other related initiatives are there?

The Cybersecurity Research National Conferences are part of the measures established in the Spanish Network of Excellence on Cybersecurity Research. The Network’s strategic aims include strengthening the transference of technology from research to market, in collaboration with the National Cybersecurity Cluster.

With the objective of making JNIC's a scientific forum of excellence in the field of cybersecurity at national level that fosters innovation, a complete Technological Transference Program has been designed, which will allow the contact of end users (companies, organizations, Etc.) and researchers with the aim of solving cybersecurity problems that are currently unresolved, formulated as scientific challenges.