ECSC 2022

Vienna, Austria

The seventh edition of the European Cyber Security Challenge, will take place from September 13 to 16, 2022 in the city of Vienna, Austria. During these days the best young talents from across Europe will meet in Prague to network, collaborate and finally compete against each other.

After the cancellation of ECSC2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the competition will finally be held in Vienna this year, in a controlled environment and under rigorous security measures.

This year’s edition will bring some new features, the participants will face:

  • Jeopardy Style: Classic CTF in which contestants will be challenged in solving security tasks of different categories such as web hacking, forensics, reverse engineering, exploiting, cryptography and hardware challenges.
  • Attack-Defense: Each country will have a set of vulnerable services that they will have to defend as they attack those of the other countries.
  • International activity with mixed teams.
  • Escape room with different tests to be solved as a team

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European Cyber Security Challenge

Countries involved

ECSC is gaining momentum and increasing in scale. Currently, the number of teams involved in the competition is a set of 30 European countries.

It is an event with a great international scope in which the participants get an unique experience, thanks to the competition environment and all the activities around.

You can check the countries that will be participating in this year’s edition below:

Bandera Austria Bandera Bélgica Bandera Croacia Bandera Chipre Bandera República Checa Bandera Dinamarca Bandera Estonia Bandera Finlandia Bandera Francia Bandera Alemania Bandera Grecia Bandera Hungría Bandera Islandia Bandera Irlanda Bandera Italia Bandera Liechtenstein Bandera Luxemburgo Bandera Malta Bandera Países Bajos Bandera Noruega Bandera Polonia Bandera Portugal Bandera Rumania Bandera Eslovaquia Bandera Eslovenia Bandera España Bandera Suecia Bandera Suiza

Guest teams 2022

Bandera Canadá Bandera Israel Bandera Serbia Bandera USA Bandera Emiratos Árabes Unidos