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Given the success of the last edition of ENISE in which the first meeting on the connected car was held, this year different current issues are covered, along the same lines, which encompass the cybersecurity sector.

The main objective is that they become a meeting point and collaboration between companies in the sector, regulators, integrators, and cybersecurity providers who come to the event each year on time. This edition will include 3 technical workshops as part of the different activities held during the event. On the one hand, as a novelty, there will be two workshop meetings on cybersecurity in robotics and smart cities, and in order to give continuity to the interest generated in the first workshop held in the last edition of ENISE, a new meeting on the connected car will be called again.

To this end, the main players in the cybersecurity ecosystem will attend so that they can participate and learn first-hand about some successful cases, generating a debate where they can answer the most relevant questions and specify the next steps to be taken.

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