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Main hall

One more year, the Main Hall of 13ENISE brings together opinion leaders, institutional representatives and professionals from the cybersecurity sector.

About 16 hours of talks and discussion panels will allow attendees to learn about the national and international context of the cybersecurity sector, understand challenges and opportunities that industry faces and catch up on key trends such as transportation, artificial intelligence or fake news.

The sessions of the Main Hall of 13ENISE will be broadcast by video streaming and offered in both Spanish and English.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

  • Opening act
  • Cybersecurity in the connected industry: from threat to opportunity
    • Rosa Díaz. Subdirectora de Apoyo a la Empresa e I+D+i de INCIBE
  • Panel: European cooperation: a shared strategy for the cybersecurity industry
    • Francisco Hortigüela. Director General at AMETIC
    • Javier López. President at RENIC
    • Rafael Tesoro. Programme officer - EU policies at European Commission
    • Tomás Castro. President at CONETIC
  • Cybersecurity in the communications layer: are we forgetting it?
    • Markus Bischof. CISCO
  • Keynote 1: Topic and speaker to be confirmed
  • Panel: Notification of incidents in organizations: challenge or opportunity?
    • Fanny Y. Pérez. CISO at Liberbank
    • María Marín. Global Security Coordinator at Cosentino
    • Trina de Miguel. Security Monitoring and Fraud Prevention Manager at Bankinter
    • Moderator: Virginia Rodríguez. Member of the Board of Directors at ISMS Forum
  • Hackers at the wheel: what can you do for the safety of your car
    • Javier García. Director at HACKERCAR
  • Panel: Cybersecurity in transport: the priority in an increasingly connected sector
    • Alex Palazón. Seat
    • Celestino Rey. Siemens Mobility
    • José de Lara. Vice President at Clúster Marítimo Español
    • Laurent Porracchia. Head of Sales Cybersecurity at AIRBUS
    • Moderator: Fernando José Sánchez. Director of the National Centre for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures
  • Panel: Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence: let's make it work
    • Cloudera. Speaker to be confirmed
    • Enrique Alegre. Professor at University of León
    • Lilian Adkinson. Head of Security and Privacy Analytics at Gradiant
    • Moderator: Beatriz García. Head of Intelligence at INCIBE

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

  • The treasure map: looking for opportunities in the cybersecurity market
    • Daniel Madrid. Associate Director at Gartner
  • Panel: Internationalization of Spanish companies: overcoming barriers
    • Daniel Solís. CEO at Blueliv
    • David Barroso. CEO at CounterCraft
    • Francisco Moral. CMO at Randed
    • Miguel Rego. CEO at iHackLabs
    • Moderator: Ana Borredá. CEO at Borrmart
  • Keynote 2: Fake news and secure messaging: where do we go from here?
    • Gennie Gebhart. Associate Director of Research at Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Panel: Corporate Cybersecurity: the road to effective management
    • Agustín Valencia. Head of OT Global cybersecurity at Iberdrola
    • Concepción Cordón. Head of Risk Management at EMASA
    • Idoia Mateo. CISO at  Santander Group
    • Silvia Esther Villanueva. CSO at AXA International New Markets
    • Moderator: José de la Peña. Director at Revista SIC
  • Panel: How can CISO, DPO and Compliance Officer coexist?
    • Berta Balanzategui. Counsel senior of European Privacy and Data Protection at General Electric International
    • Carlos Alberto Saiz. Vice President at ISMS Forum Spain
    • Flora Egea. Data Protection Officer for BBVA Group
    • Idoia Uriarte. CISO at Euskaltel Group
    • Moderator: José Luis Palma. Of Counsel at Gómez Acebo and Pombo Abogados