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International Business Forum

Within the initiatives to strengthen the cybersecurity industry through the generation of business and internationalization opportunities, INCIBE organizes the International Business Forum for companies of the Spanish Cybersecurity sector, in collaboration with ICEX.

The International Business Forum is an opportunity for a direct meeting between investors of sophisticated demand from third countries, and Spanish companies that present their offer of cybersecurity products and services.

Why participate in the International Business Forum of 14ENISE

  • Because it allows meetings that generates business and internationalization opportunities for the Spanish cybersecurity industry.
  • Because it contributes to the promotion and the international development of the sector through direct demonstrations to potential buyers, of its innovative solutions in cybersecurity.
  • Because it helps to channel and lead the increase in turnover of the Spanish cybersecurity industry in the national and international market.

International Business Forum operative

During 14ENISE, bilateral business meetings were held between the 30 international buyers and sellers of the national cybersecurity sector. Meetings were arranged directly between qualifying international buyers and 14ENISE sponsors, based on their preferences. INCIBE did not participate in the interview process.

International Buyers

INCIBE and ICEX have invited companies from 20 countries and 4 continents. The Commercial Offices selected buyers of sophisticated demand with decision-making capacity in the field of purchases of cybersecurity products and services in their organizations.

  • America: Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil and Canada
  • Europe: Germany, Portugal, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland
  • Asia: South Korea, India, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan
  • Oceania: Australia

The International Business Forum had the participation of 30 international buyers from 12 different countries.