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International Business Forum

Among the initiatives to strengthen the cybersecurity industry through the generation of business and internationalisation opportunities, with 16ENISE a backdrop, INCIBE organises the International Business Forum for Spanish cyber security industry, in collaboration with ICEX. Within the forum, Spanish companies that present their range of cyber security products and services can hold private meetings with international buyers of sophisticated demand interested in acquiring Spanish solutions and technology.

In addition, we have a virtual platform to allow contact prior to the meeting, and that can even be used to hold the meetings themselves virtually during the event and the days after.

The aims of the International Business Forum are:

  • Provide a meeting which generates business and internationalisation opportunities for the Spanish cybersecurity industry.
  • Promote and drive the international development of the sector through the direct demonstration of their innovative cyber security solutions to potential buyers.
  • To channel and lead the increase in the turnover of the Spanish cybersecurity industry in national and international markets.

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