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Tuesday, 19 October, 2021


  • Online speech of Carme Artigas. Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence
  • José Antonio Diez. Mayor of Leon.
  • Miguel Ángel Ballesteros. Director of the Department of Homeland Security, Spain. (DSN).
  • Luis Jiménez.  Deputy of Cybersecurity Department of the National Cryptological Center (CCN-CERT) of Spain
  • Rafael García. General, Commander of the Spanish Joint Cyberspace Command.
  • Guillermo Fernández. Head of the Cybersecurity Coordination Office.
  • Rosa Díaz. Managing Director of Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE)

Moderator: Mónica Valle.


Rosa Díaz. Managing Director of Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE)


Co-leaders of the Working Groups:

Moderator: Mar López.


Miguel Ángel Amutio. Head of Unit for Cybersecurity Planning and Coordination.


ObservaCiber is the first public observatory specialized in cybersecurity that combines the experience of two consolidated cybersecurity entities in the realization of digital transformation knowledge products. This initiative unifies and promotes  the cybersecurity studies developed by INCIBE and the National Observatory of Technology and Society (ONTSI) attached to Red.es, both dependent on the Secretary of State for Digitization. and Artificial Intelligence

  • Alberto Urueña. Deputy Director of ONTSI.
  • Sara García. Head of Talent in Cybersecurity, INCIBE.
  • Jessica Barker. Expert in the Human Side of Cyber Security.

This engaging and insightful session will encourage you to look at cyber security in a different light, leaving you with an understanding of why people are at the heart of this field. Dr Jessica Barker highlights how human bias makes us all susceptible to social engineering and how we can use psychology, sociology, and neuroscience to understand how cyber criminals operate and how to be better protected from online crime. You will leave this session with insights into many case studies of real-world cyber incidents, a greater understanding of the human factors of cyber security, and an appreciation of the role of security culture.

  • Antonio Fernández. Deputy Director General of Talent and Digital Entrepreneurship, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.
  • Antonio Cimorra. Director of IT and Digital Agenda of AMETIC.
  • Félix Muñoz. CEO Innotec.
  • Raúl Sánchez. CEO Mnemo.

Moderator: Eduvigis Ortiz. Strategic Alliances Leader, SAS


  • Antonio Ramos. CEO Leet Security.
  • César García. Managing Director of OnRetrieval.
  • José Ruiz. Co-founder and CTO of JTSEC.
  • Paloma García. Director of Standardization and Stakeholder Programs, UNE.

Moderator: Mónica Valle

  • Fernando Gutiérrez. Litigation and Arbitration Partner of Pinsent Masons
  • James A. Lindsay. Crisis Manager and Resilience Expert.

Imagine joining a quiet, friendly organization staffed largely by millennials and academics as the interim head of change … then being faced with a crisis on a global scale which rocked the company to its core. This is what James Lindsay experienced at Cambridge Analytica in 2018. In March 2018, multiple media outlets broke a global news story regarding business practices at Cambridge Analytica which involved Facebook data and its uses.  The organization was thrust, almost overnight, into a crisis which ultimately resulted in Cambridge Analytica going into administration in May 2018.

During his career as an interim manager James has worked with numerous clients on BCM and latterly resilience.  He will join us to explain the mechanics of Cambridge Analytica’s crisis management, as experienced from the heart of the storm. He will share stories of the impact on staff and some of the practical challenges that resulted from such immediate alteration from ‘business as usual’. This is not a discussion of the rights or wrongs of business decisions taken long before James joined the organisation, but a fascinating real-life dissection of the effects on ordinary staff members, key processes put in place to cope and the importance of clear communications strategies.

Whilst this exact circumstance is unlikely to happen to many organizations, parallels can be drawn between other immediately reputation-altering incidents, including cyber-attacks or major supply chain failures, all of which have also been seen and are now much more likely to occur to your organisation.

  • Fernando de la Mata. CISO BBVA.
  • Gorka Díaz. CISO CaixaBank.
  • Iván Sánchez. CISO Sanitas.
  • Idoia Mateo. CISO Banco Santander.

Modera: Rubén Fernández Nieto. Global CISO Grupo Dia.


Demo day

  • Josemaría Sánchez Yunta. CEO & founder Brain & Tech.
  • María Isabel Rojo Rivas. CEO Enthec Solutions.
  • Daniel Hernández. CEO &cofounder eSignus.
  • Juan Carlos Fdez-Incera.  CEO Ezenit Data.
  • Deniza Drapchuk. Marketing Director FraudScore.  
  • Roberto Álvarez. CEO & founder Gaptain.
  • Vicent Soler. CEO &cofounder deKenmei.
  • Maite Anasagasti Torrontegui. CMO Lex Program.
  • Eduardo Aznar. CEO Opticks Security.
  • Ignacio Alonso Neila. CIO & cofounder SSHTEAM & RIA 2.1.

Wednesday, 20 October, 2021


  • Susana De la Fuente Rodríguez. Head of Cybersecurity for Industry, INCIBE.
  • Luis Pérez. CEO of Gradiant.
  • Jose Miguel Rosell. Managing partner of S2 Grupo.
  • Albert Estrada. CEO of Open Cloud Factory.
  • Pino Caballero. Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of La Laguna.

Moderator: Javier López. RENIC.

  • Andreu Vilamitjana. General Director of CISCO Spain.
  • Susana del Pozo. Technical Sales Leader of Security at IBM.
  • Miguel Escassi. Director of Public Policies and Institutional Relations at Google Spain and Portugal.
  • Pablo Vera. Sales Director, Cybersecurity Solutions, Microsoft.
  • Enrique Martín. Head of Business Development and Innovation for Enterprises en Samsung Electronics Iberia.

Moderator: Deepak Daswani

  • Jose María Blasco Ruiz. Director of the Infrastructure, Health and ICT Division. ICEX
  • David Barroso. CEO of CounterCraft
  • Fanny Pérez. Gloab  CISO of Codere.
  • Olga Forné. CISO of Mediapró.
  • Óscar Sánchez. CISO of Puig.
  • Marian Blanque. CISO and DPO Office, Abertis Infraestructuras.

Moderator: Roberto Baratta, Loss Prevention, Business Continuity and Security Director & DPO of Abanca.

  • Carissa Veliz. Associate Professor in Philosophy at the Institute for Ethics in AI, Fellow at Hertford College, University of Oxford.

As the data economy grows in power, our privacy is being eroded by big tech and governments. In this session, Carissa Véliz explains why that matters and what we can do about it. She argues for why personal data is a toxic asset, and why we should end the trade in personal data. Her philosophical perspective on the politics of privacy and practical solutions is relevant for both policymakers and ordinary citizens.

  • Manuel Casanova. General Director of SICA, RNLI laboratory.
  • Ignacio Álvarez. Technical Director of Automation and Industrial Digitization of Siemens.
  • José Antonio Cascallana. Director of C4IN, CyberSecurity Innovation Center. Telefónica Cybersecurity & Cloud Tech.
  • Sergio Vidal. Commercial Director of Automation of Industrial Processes of Schneider Electric.

Moderator: José Valiente. Director of the Industrial Cybersecurity Center, CCI.


  • Jamie Woodruff. Ethical Hacker and Cyber Security specialist.
  • Online speech of Nadia Calviño. First Vice-President of the Government of Spain and Minister for the Economy and Digital Transformation.