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Towards the future of cybersecurity

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Tuesday, 20 October, 2020



INCIBE's vision of the actions to promote the competitiveness of the Spanish cybersecurity industry.

  • Lola Rebollo. Enterprise and R&D Support Manager INCIBE.

Representatives of the organizations that make up the recently constituted Spanish National Cybersecurity Forum will discuss the new challenges and present the Industry Forum and its results.

  • Mar López. Department of Homeland Security in the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office (Spain).
  • Rosa Díaz. Managing Director INCIBE.
  • Luis Jiménez. Deputy Director CCN.
  • César Maurín. Director of Digitization and Innovation, Commerce and Infrastructures at CEOE.
  • Juan Gómez. President of the Crue-TIC Commission and rector of the University of Jaén.

This session will set out the progress being in SPARTA as a cybersecurity competency network pilot at the European level.

  • Ana Ayerbe. IT Competitiveness Director, Trustec



This panel will talk about the promotion of cybersecurity training, the awakening of vocation and interest in a booming profession and with professional opportunities for specific groups.

  • Amparo Valcarce. Undersecretary of the Spanish Ministry of Defense.
  • César López. Managing Director of the GoodJob Foundation.
  • Antonio de Luis Acevedo. Managing Director of  FUNDAE.
  • Moderator: Ángeles Caso.

Various women leaders in cybersecurity will discuss the importance of having qualified professionals in cybersecurity and digital skills in companies and organizations. All this in order to be able to lead the digital transformation processes in which companies are immersed in the new interconnectivity scenario.

  • Eduvigis Ortiz. Strategic Alliances Leader en SAS.
  • Lorena Gil. Digital Transformation Manager de ASTI.
  • Marta Pérez Dorao. Managing Director of FECE and President of the Inspiring Girls Foundation..
  • Idoia Mateo. IT Risk Corporate Director & CISO Banco Santander.
  • Moderator: Mónica Valle. Co-founder and Director of Bit Life Media.

Wednesday, 21 October, 2020



In this panel, various CISOs and CIOs of Spanish companies will discuss the challenges that companies face in terms of cybersecurity.

  • Natalia Galán. CISO PIC Iberdrola España.
  • Susana del Pozo.  Director of IBM Security Systems
  • Carlos Acha Ledesma. COO & CDO ALSA.
  • Rubén Fernández Nieto. CISO Grupo Día

The Institute of Foreign Trade of Spain (ICEX), will present the advantages of opting for the international market as well as the Spanish capacity to attract cybersecurity business.

  • Jorge Alvar. Director for Infrastructures, Health and ICT at ICEX.

Cybersecurity and digital are two sides of the same coin. We set out some of the main EU initiatives for a transformation of digital cybersecurity in Europe, in particular the proposal for a European centre and a European network of competencies in cybersecurity.

  • Rafael Tesoro. Programme Officer - EU policies. European Commission. 

In 2020, Red.es launches AceleraPYME, a platform for SMEs and freelancers to access solutions and services offered by public and private entities during the current health and economic crisis.

  • David Cierco. Managing Director Red.es



Several investors will briefly present their cybersecurity investment policies to entrepreneurs. They will present what they are looking for in their cybersecurity investments and existing opportunities.

  • Ana Álvaro Moreta, Adara Ventures
  • José Carlos Huerta,  Bankinter
  • Amparo de San José, IESE BAN
  • Juan López Santamaría,  Kibo Ventures
  • Iván Feito, Prosegur Tech Ventures
  • Juan Revuelta, Swanlaab Venture Factory
  • Pablo Moro, Telefonica Ventures
  • Joaquín de Aubeyzon, The Crowd Angel
  • Moderator: Ángeles Caso

Inspirational and motivating panel, where the success stories of cybersecurity start-ups that have achieved their goal are presented.

  • Daniela Kominsky, Country manager Spain & Portugal, Cymulate.
  • Gerard Cervello, Managing Director, Blueliv
  • Cristina Bentúe, Co-founder, Irius Risk
  • José Fernando Gómez, CEO & Founder, IronChip
  • Moderator: Ignacio Caño, Head of Cybersecurity for Industry, INCIBE
  • Nadia Calviño. Third Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.