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Wednesday, 19 October, 2022




  • Carme Artigas. Secretaria de Estado de Digitalización e Inteligencia Artificial.


  • Ayuntamiento de León, Vicente Canuria
  • Subdelegación del Gobierno, Faustino Sánchez
  • Diputación de León, Eduardo Morán
  • Junta Castilla y León, Ester Muñoz
  • Ayuntamiento de Ponferrada, Olegario Ramón
  • Ayuntamiento de San Andrés, Camino Cabañas

Through a conversation with three professionals who in the past or at present have been linked to INTECO / INCIBE, the round table will address the 20 years of history from the creation of the Anti-Virus Early Warning Centre (CATA) to the present time, taking into account the main interest groups to which INCIBE's activity is addressed:

  • Citizens. And, particularly, minors.
  • Businesses. And, particularly, SMEs.
  • Cybersecurity professionals.
  • The cybersecurity industry.
  • Critical operators.


  • Enrique Martínez. Presidente de SEGITTUR.
  • Marcos Gómez Hidalgo. Subdirector de Servicios de INCIBE-CERT 
  • Elena García. CISO INDRA Sistemas.

Moderator: Víctor M. Izquierdo. Presidente del Comité de Sociedad Digital del Instituto de la Ingeniería de España.


Sponsor: Entelgy Innotec Security


Design, organization and deployment, in the networks of a large organization such as the Ministry of Defense.


  • Teniente General José María Millán, CIO del Ministerio de Defensa.

Kit Digital is a program developed by the Spanish  Government and managed by Red.es, which aims to promote the digitalization of small companies, micro-enterprises and self-employed, subsidizing the adoption of basic digitalization solutions appropriate to their level of digital maturity, and therefore contributing to the modernization of the Spanish productive system. It has a budget of 3,067 million euros, financed by the European Union through the Next Generation EU funds, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, the Digital Spain 2026 agenda and the SME Digitalization Plan 2021-2025.


  • Alberto Martínez Lacambra. Director General de la Entidad Pública Empresarial Red.es

Sponsor: SIA, an Indra company


The use of pressure on civil society to undermine the morale of a country is something very old. In today's world, digital tools are the simplest and most effective weapon to create an institutional crisis and attack civil and military resistance. You have to see how they are made, what tools they use, economic costs...


  • Rafael García. Comandante del Mando Conjunto del Ciberespacio. 
  • Guillermo Fernández. Jefe de la Oficina de Coordinación de Ciberseguridad. 
  • José Luis Pérez. Director del Centro Nacional de Protección de Infraestructuras y Ciberseguridad.
  • Javier Candau. Jefe del Departamento de Ciberseguridad del Centro Criptológico Nacional.

Moderator: Fernando Cocho. Founding Partner H4dm Intelligence and Security SL.



  • Jose Francisco García. Teniente Coronel del Ejército de Tierra destinado como Jefe de la División de Seguridad de la Información del Ministerio de Defensa de España.
  • Pepe Rosell. Director S2 grupo
  • Patricia Moreno. Technical Responsible for Classified IT Systems - GMV

Moderator: Hosain Badouch Díaz, Engineering and Technology Manager - Indra Sistemas SA.

Sponsor: Quside



  • Víctor Calvo Sotelo. Director general de la Asociación Española para la Digitalización, DigitalES.
  • Francisco Hortigüela. Director general de la Asociación Multisectorial de Empresas de Tecnologías de la Información, Comunicaciones y Electrónica, AMETIC.
  • Elena Díaz-Alejo Rodríguez, Samsung.

Moderator: Carla Redondo, Secretaria General de INCIBE.

Sponsor: LEET Security



We are undoubtedly experiencing major challenges in the field of digital transformation that force us to make technological decisions that affect our businesses, positively or negatively depending on how you look at it. Cybersecurity is undoubtedly one of the key elements (if not the essential one) when addressing these changes and investments. And the Cloud seems to be the scenario where we will definitely develop these new business strategies. But, after many years of discussing the advantages and disadvantages of its adoption, with the "threat" of current and new regulations at a time when the risks of third parties and the risks in the supply chain, are a headache for companies (just look at the many incidents originating through these environments), we want to discuss how leading companies in strategic and critical sectors are addressing these changes and what advantages and disadvantages it brings them to make the Cloud their platform for the future.


  • Fernando de la Mata. Head of Cybersecurity BBVA
  • Fanny Pérez. CISO Codere
  • Javier Quintela.  CISO Repsol

Moderator: Xabier Mitxelena. Director en Accenture Security en España, Portugal e Israel.



Digital Transformation is revolutionising our world. However, the innovation vectors that underpin the Transformation such as Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Data Analytics are no strangers to cyber threats and may constitute a new attack surface for cyber criminals. 

Cybersecurity becomes, for this reason, a cross-cutting element throughout the organisation to mitigate cyber risk in all its aspects. 

Having a Cybersecurity Strategy that supports the achievement of an organisation's objectives is nowadays a necessity rather than a luxury. 

In this panel we will analyse the different principles that should guide Directors and Executives of an organisation to ensure that Good Corporate Governance includes cybersecurity among its priorities.


  • Luis Paredes. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) - Sacyr.
  • Jesús Mérida. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) - IBERIA L.A.E.
  • Jesús Sánchez. Global Head of Cybersecurity - Naturgy
  • Alejandro Becerra.Global Information Security Director Telefónica S.A.

Moderator: Gianluca D’Antonio. President ISMS forum and Partner of Risk Advisory at Deloitte.



Cybersecurity has traditionally been conceived with the objective of protecting information and the communications systems and networks that process this information. A technified vision of cyberspace that focuses on technical threats and vulnerabilities (DDOS, phishing, hacking, keyloggers, malware and vulnerabilities) and maintains as premises the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information exchanged between identified machines. This approach to security keeps the focus on securing information as an asset that is of great value to companies. However, we must also consider the threats posed by the people themselves: fake news, cyber-bullying, extortion, false identity, exfiltration, etc. These threats are not of a technological nature, but of people, and can generate mistrust and insecurity that affects the development of organisations.

In addition to the previous, we add the advanced process of Digital Transformation, which has led to the extension of people's exposure on the network. Under the paradigm of Zero Trust, we have seen how security has moved to users, as a response to the current need in which we have delocalised users, personal devices and micro services in the cloud in which sensitive data can circulate. We need to protect users (services, accounts, permissions, etc.), not network segments.


  • Laura Iglesias. CISO Vodafone
  • Jose Ramón Monleón. CISO Orange
  • Idoia Uriarte. CISO MásMóvil
  • Julia Perea. Directora Seguridad Telefónica.

Moderator: Daniel García, Director Gerente ISMS Forum.

Sponsor: Balidea - Checkmarx


Sponsor: Constella Intelligence




  • Noemí de Castro. Profesora Contratada Doctora/Lecturer. Subdirectora de RIASC (Instituto de investigación en ciencias aplicadas a la ciberseguridad de la Universidad de León).
  • Maitane Valdecantos, Audens.
  • Francisco Benítez. Innovation & Prospective Director FIDESOL.
  • Mar López. Senior manager de Accenture.

Moderator: Elena Maestre. Socia Responsable de Ciberseguridad en Consulting de EY.

Sponsor: Fortinet


Sponsor: Redtrust a Keyfactor company






  • Ecem Karaman. Vicepresidenta de ciberseguridad de JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Sponsor: Ingram Micro


Work groups:

  • GT1: Elena de la Calle - DSN  y Gianluca D'Antonio - Deloitte Socio de Risk Advisory.
  • GT2:  Luis Fernando Álvarez-Gascón - AMETIC.
  • GT3: Pablo López - CCN-CERT y Francisco José Sampalo Lainz - CRUE-TIC.
  • GT4: Manuel Alvargonzález - Mando Conjunto de Ciberespacio y Clara Tébar - TEDAE.
  • GT5: Guillermo Fernández OCC.

Moderator: Lola Rebollo - INCIBE.

Thursday, 20 October, 2022



The RETECH initiative represents an opportunity to promote territorial networks of technological specialization in Spain in a close cooperation with the Autonomous Communities. In addition, in the specific field of cybersecurity it will be one of the pilars to structure the National Community around the National Coordination Center (NCC-ES) of the European Cybersecurity Competences Centre (ECCC).


  • Pilar Mairal. Secretaría de Estado de Digitalización e Inteligencia Artificial.
  • Miguel Angel Cañada, responsable de relaciones, nodos y NCC-ES (INCIBE).


  • Julio Casal. CTO - Constella Intelligence.
  • Alberto Yépez. Fundador de Forgepoint.
  • Iosu Arrizabalaga. CEO de Factum.

Moderator: Natalia Potes, CEO TalentoSolutions

Sponsor: COLORIURIS Qualified Trust Service Provider



  • Joseph Williams, Socio Infosys, Seattle.
  • Ed Steidl, Vice President Operations – AuthenticID
  • Mariana Cardona. Oficial del Programa de Ciberseguridad, Comité Interamericano contra el Terrorismo (CICTE), Organización de los Estados Americanos (OEA)

Moderator: Eduvigis Ortiz. Presidenta y Fundadora / Líder de Alianzas Estratégicas - Women4Cyber SPAIN / SAS

Sponsor: LEX Program

Sponsor: Forensic & Security by Datos101

Sponsor: Maltiverse


Digital transformation is an unstoppable need that reaches all sectors, even those that have traditionally been more distant from technology. The agri-food sector, which is key to maintaining the population and wealth of the so-called 'empty Spain', offers many examples in which technology is completely transforming processes and industries. In this panel, several of the actors who are part of this change will talk about their experiences.


  • Jose Manuel Martínez Rodríguez. Presidente de la Fundación Empresarial para el Desarrollo Agropecuario de Castilla y León.
  • Antonio Sainz. CEO Qampo.
  • Juan Manuel García. Director de transformación digital Cerealto Siro Foods.
  • Leticia Chico, Phd Agricultural Engineer, Agrisan Sociedad Cooperativa.

Moderator: Mario González. Jefe de Área de Tecnologías de la Información - ITACYL.


Sponsor: Advantio


Sponsor: ByteHide


John Howie, Head M&A IT Security, Bayer.



  • Rosa Díaz. Directora de ONTSI
  • Olga Forné, CISO Global - Grupo Albertis
  • Sara García, Responsable de Talento de INCIBE

Moderator: Raúl Uría, Director de Ciberseguridad - CONETIC ( Confederación Española Empresas Tecnologías de la Información, Comunicaciones y Electrónica)


Santiago Niño-Becerra. Doctor en Economía.


Félix Barrio. Director general de INCIBE.