Alejandra Frías

Alejandra Frías

Alejandra Frías López is Senior Judge.

She has been Member of the National Cybersecurity Council of Spain. As such, she has been involved in the elaboration and approval of the National Cybersecurity Plan and its Derivative Plans, including Plan against Cybercrime and Cyber Terrorism, with a view to improving capabilities to investigate and prosecute cyber terrorism and cybercrime.

In the last years she has worked as Judge-advisor at the Ministry of Justice. She has participated in different legislative reforms related to this subject, such as proposals for reform of the Criminal Code, the Criminal Procedure Law, the Statute of the Victims of Crime or the draft Royal Decree whereby the Central Registry of Sexual Offenders is regulated.

She has worked in depth, and from very different areas, the issue of new technologies and child protection, especially, the criminal typologies such as child pornography, grooming, sexting, cyberbullying, hate crimes through ICT...

She has also participated in the drafting of Law 26/2015, of July 28, on the modification of the system for children and adolescents’ protection, proposing the wording on the incorporation, for the first time in Spanish legislation, of the express reference to digital and media literacy.

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