Legal notice

The Spanish National Institute of Cybersecurity (hereinafter INCIBE) is a state-owned limited liability company under the aegis of the Spanish Secretariat of State for Telecommunications and the Information Society. Its company tax registration number is A24530735 and its registered office is at Avenida José Aguado, 41, 24005 Leon, Spain. It is registered in the Leon Companies Register in Volume 1070; page 100, entry LE-16.676.
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General Conditions for Use of INCIBE Portals

The domain names and are the property of INCIBE, and their use is exclusively reserved to this company.

The official INCIBE portal is It is intended to provide the general public with an awareness of the activities that this company carries out, its products and the services it offers. These are intended to develop cyber-security and confidence in digital provision on the part of individuals, the Spanish academic and research network (RedIRIS) and enterprises, especially in strategic sectors.

INCIBE also offers protective services in the digital context to individuals and families through its website for the Internet Users’ Safety Office (OSI), To contact us in respect of these services, use the form given as contact details.

The use of any of these websites implies full and express acceptance of the conditions laid down herein. This is without prejudice to any further, more specific conditions that may apply to particular services offered through the websites.

INCIBE reserves the right to carry out modifications and updates to the information contained in its websites or to their configuration or presentation, at any time and without prior warning.

In order to keep the information published on the websites up to date, their contents may be modified, corrected, deleted or added to at any time. It is thus advisable to check their validity and correctness by reference to official sources.

Intellectual and Industrial Property. Frames

All the items forming this web-site, together with its structure, design and source code, and also the logos, trademarks and other distinctive symbols appearing in it, are the property of INCIBE or its collaborators. They are protected by the laws of intellectual and industrial property and copyright.

The images and other graphic elements in the contents of the websites are likewise protected by the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights.

INCIBE expressly prohibits framing or the use by third parties of any other mechanism whatsoever that alters the design, original configuration or contents of our websites.

Any use made of contents must respect the specific permissions or licences granted. Hence, their use, reproduction, distribution, publication, modification, and all other similar or analogous activities are totally forbidden, unless explicit prior authorization is obtained from INCIBE.

INCIBE authorizes total or partial reproduction of the texts and contents provided on the websites, if and only if each and every one of the following conditions applies in full:

  1. The integrity of the contents, documents or graphic elements used in this way is maintained.
  2. INCIBE is explicitly named as the source or origin from which this material is taken.
  3. The aims and objectives of such use are compatible with the purposes of INCIBE’s websites, the activities of the company, or both of these.
  4. The use is not for commercial purposes, with distribution, publication, modification or de-compilation being expressly prohibited.

All other forms of use of whatever kind must be notified to INCIBE, and prior and explicit authorization must be obtained for them from INCIBE.

With regard to quotations of third-party products and services, INCIBE fully recognizes the rights of industrial and intellectual property corresponding to their owners. Mere mention of them or their appearance on the websites does not imply any rights or liabilities in respect of them, nor does it imply any support, sponsorship or recommendation for them.

INCIBE hereby formally states its full respect for the intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties. Hence, if you consider that any of our web pages may be infringing your rights, we request you to contact INCIBE.


INCIBE does not guarantee the absence of errors for access to its websites, or in their content, or that the data included in them are necessarily up to date. However, INCIBE will employ its best efforts to avoid errors, and to correct or to update the pages as appropriate.

Both access to the INCIBE websites and any use that may be made of the information contained in them is exclusively the responsibility of those undertaking these actions.

INCIBE accepts no liability for security breaches that may occur, nor for any possible damage that may be caused to users’ computer systems (whether hardware or software), or files or documents stored in them. This applies whether it involves a consequence of the presence of viruses in the computer systems of users that are employed to connect to the services and contents of the websites, of the malfunctioning of browsers or of the use of outdated versions, or any other cause.

INCIBE accepts no liability for the information and contents that are stored in any way that allows third parties to publish contents independently on INCIBE’s web pages. These include, but are not limited to, forums, chats, blogs, comments, and social networks.

Nonetheless, in compliance with what is envisaged by the LSSI, INCIBE indicates its availability to all users, to the authorities and to police or security forces, in joint endeavours to collaborate actively in removing or blocking all those contents that might affect or breach Spanish or international legislation, third-party rights, morals or public order. If any users consider there to be any content on the websites that might be so classified, they are requested to contact INCIBE.

INCIBE accepts no liability for the answers given through the various e-mail addresses that appear on its websites. Hence, no legally binding effect can arise from them.


The hyperlinks to be found on the INCIBE websites may redirect to third-party web contents. The aim of these links is only to aid in seeking out on the Internet resources that may be of interest. Nevertheless, these pages are not the property of INCIBE, which does not check their contents and hence INCIBE accepts no liability for the content, information or services that may appear on these sites. These are of an exclusively informative nature and in no case imply any relationship whatsoever between INCIBE and the individuals or bodies that own these contents or the sites where they are to be found. INCIBE is likewise unable to accept any responsibility for the good functioning of the pages to which the links lead or for any possible harm that may arise from access to or use of them.

Any hyperlinks to INCIBE websites must fulfil the following conditions:

  1. The establishment of a hyperlink must not be deemed to constitute any form of agreement, contract, sponsorship or recommendation by INCIBE of the page containing the link.
  2. The web page on which the hyperlink is set up must not incorporate information or contents that are illegal or discriminatory, that run counter to generally accepted principles of ethics, or that are such as are likely to lead to a breach of the peace or disturbance of public order. Similarly, they must not include contents infringing any type of rights of third parties.
  3. INCIBE may request a link to its websites to be removed, without need for any reason to be given. In this case, the page on which the link occurs must delete it immediately upon receipt of notification from INCIBE.
  4. INCIBE accepts no liability of any sort for, nor does it guarantee the quality, precision, reliability, correctness or moral acceptability of, the contents or services that page or pages with which the link is established may offer. Users assume exclusive responsibility for any consequences, harm or actions that may arise from accessing web pages with such hyperlinks.
  5. Any web page on which a hyperlink is set up may not contain any trademark, denomination, logo, slogan or other distinctive symbol belonging to INCIBE, other than those signs which form part of the hyperlink itself.

Protection of Data of a Personal Nature

Personal data requested for providing our services are incorporated into automated files subject to the provisions of Spanish Fundamental Law 15/1999 on Data Protection (the LOPD) and Spanish Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December 2007, which approved detailed regulations (the RLOPD) expanding this law.

All gathering and processing of such data is undertaken by INCIBE. The purpose of this is to manage, offer, expand and improve the services requested from time to time by users, to follow up consultations, to participate in staff selection processes, to send electronic notifications, and to produce statistics, or any combination of the above.

The services offered by INCIBE are intended for those aged fourteen years and above. In any exceptional instance of the development of a service intended specifically for those under that age, INCIBE will request consent from their parents or guardians for the collection of personal data, or, where appropriate, for automated processing of these data.

INCIBE is committed to fulfilling its duty of secrecy with regard to data of a personal nature supplied and its obligation to process them in a confidential manner, in accordance with legislation currently in force. To this end, it will adopt the measures necessary to avoid modification, loss, or unauthorized access or processing of such data.

Moreover, you are informed that, if you wish to do so, you may exercise the rights envisaged in Article 5 of the LOPD Buzón de calidad en INCIBE.. The topic line should be “LOPD”, you should give your full name and e-mail address, and the message field should indicate for which INCIBE service you are registered and what right to access, rectify, cancel or express disagreement with your personal data you wish to exercise.

In addition, INCIBE makes it possible to manage your personal data for certain services. Hence:

  • If you wish to unsubscribe from the official INCIBE website, you may do so on the screen for editing the user profile.
  • If you wish to unsubscribe from bulletins, you may do so directly on the official INCIBE web page through your user profile and on the OSI web page through the same channel that you used to subscribe to them.


The INCIBE website and its domains use cookies (small files of information that the server sends to the computers of those accessing the site) to ensure the correct functioning of the website and display of pages to users, as also to gather statistical information. For further information, please see our Cookies policy.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

In the case of any dispute or conflict over the interpretation of the terms in this legal notification, the law applicable will be Spanish law. This will also be the case for any question relating to the services provided through these websites.

For the resolution of any conflict that may arise from visits to the websites or the use of services offered on them, INCIBE and all users agree to subject themselves to the judges and courts of the place of residence of the user, provided that this is situated within Spanish territory and the user is bringing suit as a consumer. If this is not so, submission of cases will be through the courts of the City of Leon in Spain.

Cookies Policy

The INCIBE website and its domains use cookies (small files of information that the server sends to the computers of those accessing the site) to ensure the correct functioning of the website and display of pages to users, as also to gather statistical information. The following cookies are used:

Cookies type Permanence Ownership Purpose INCIBE Domains
Google Analytics:
  • __utma
  • __utmb
  • __utmc
  • __utmz
Analytic Permanent/
Third party.
Service conditions: [1]
To generate a unique user identifier, which is used to count how many times a user visits the site, together with the date of the first and of the most recent visit to the website. To record the date and time of access to any page on the website. To check on the need to keep a user session open or to open a new session. To identify the user session, in such a way as to record information about the approximate geographical area from which a computer accesses the site for statistical purposes.
Cookies de idioma:
  • org.springframework.
Technical Temporary INCIBE
To store details of which language preference a user has chosen. Does not store information of any other type and is not essential for the correct operation of the portal.
Cookies de sesión:
  • SESS66c3c803e5
  • ATutorID
Technical Temporary INCIBE
To store a unique session identifier so as to ensure correct operation of the website.
Cookies del foro:
  • jforumAutoLogin
  • jforumUserId
Technical Temporary INCIBE

Used by the JFORUM platform for specific improvements in the Forum:

  • Auto-login functions
  • Forum user identity
Cookies de Batch API:
  • Has_js
Technical Temporary INCIBE

Used by an Applications Programming Interface (API) of the Content Management System (CMS) to ensure correct functioning of the portal.

  • PREF
  • YSC
Social Temporary Third party.
Service conditions: [2]

Cookies allowing integration of the Youtube service into the portal.

  • guest_id
Social Temporary Third party.
Service conditions: [3]

Cookie used by the display widget for tweets from the Open Source Initiative (OSI).

Facebook Connect Social Temporary Third party.
Service conditions: [4]

Cookies allowing integration of the Facebook Connect service.

  • XST_id
Technical Permanent INCIBE

Cookie to check that only one response is given to a survey (currently activates the INCIBE quality survey).


[1] – Privacy Conditions for Google Analytics:
[2] – Privacy Conditions for Google:
[3] – Privacy Conditions for Twitter:
[4] – Privacy Conditions on Facebook:

Third party services

In addition, INCIBE maintains a presence on third-party portals and services. To learn their conditions for privacy and use of cookies, it is necessary to consult the policies set out by these third parties:

Acceptance of policy on cookies

INCIBE displays information about its policy on cookies at the top of all of the pages accessed through its portal at the beginning of each user session, so that users will be aware of it.
On seeing this information, it is possible to carry out any of the following actions:

  • Accept cookies. The warning will not be displayed again when accessing any page of the site during the current session.
  • Modify the configuration. You may obtain more information about what cookies are, learn more about INCIBE’s policy on cookies and modify the configuration of your browser so as to restrict or block INCIBE cookies at any point. If you do restrict or block cookies, some functions of the website may be impaired.
  • Continue browsing or move along the navigation bar: this is deemed to indicate acceptance of use.


How to modify the configuration for cookies

You may restrict, block or delete cookies from INCIBE or any other website by using your browser. Each browser has a different method for this purpose, but the "Help" function will indicate how to proceed.

Furthermore, it is also possible to manage cookie storage in your browser by using tools such as the following:


Cookies script license

INCIBE uses a JavaScript component for the cookies notification(Creative Commons License Attribution 3.0 Unported developed by:
Copyright (C) 2012 PrimeBox (

The documentation of this component is available at:

Here are a list with recent modifications in the script funcionality:

  • Added a new link in the notification bar
  • The order of the links in the notification bar was modified
  • Added "delete cookies" funcionality
  • Added "send cookies" funcionality after user aceptance