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Forensic liability analysis of computer content in the enterprise

Posted on 06/14/2021
  • Speaker: Beatriz Saura Alberdi
  • Topic: Technological research and case law
  • Content of the workshop:
    • Corporate internal investigations; regulations and case law.
    • Forensic analysis of computer devices to obtain evidence.
    • Recording compliance evidence in a blockchain system.

Cryptocurrencies as an object of crime

Posted on 06/14/2021
  • Speaker: Isaac Francisco Pérez Pérez
  • Topic: Cryptocurrencies in cybercrime
  • Content of the workshop:
    • General concepts. 
      • Concept of cryptocurrency. 
      • Underlying technology. Blockchain. Cybersecurity in transactions. 
      • The legal approach cryptocurrency (legislation and case law).
      • The anonymity and value of cryptocurrency as a lure in cybercrime.
    • Cryptocurrencies as a target of cybercrime.

    Ethical and cybersecurity risks in adopting emerging technologies

    Posted on 06/14/2021
    • Speaker: Pablo Ballarin Usieto
    • Topic: Risk management in adopting emerging technologies
    • Content of the workshop:
      • Introduction
      • Cybersecurity risks in emerging technologies
        • Concepts
        • Particularities of IOT/IA architectures and their vulnerabilities
        • Attack vectors and types of attacks on AI/IOT platforms
        • Theoretical risk analysis of an IA/IOT platform
        • Baseline for securitisation of an IA/IOT platform

    Cross-cutting and comprehensive cybersecurity: governance

    Posted on 06/14/2021
    • speaker: Estevenson Solano
    • Topic: Cybersecurity gobernance
    • Content of the workshop:
      • Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)
      • Controls Management
      • Laboratory 1
      • Regulations, Standards and Frameworks
      • Organisational Security Policies
      • Laboratory 2
      • Privacy and Sensitive Data
      • Integrative Laboratory 

    Cybersecurity and compliance

    Posted on 06/14/2021
    • Speaker: Eloy Velasco Núñez
    • Topic: International law applicable to cyberspace.
    • Content of the workshop:
      • Regulatory scope of cybersecurity in the European Union: present and future.
      • Practical compliance: criminal prevention and avoidance or reduction of risks in the use of technology. Mr. Eloy Velasco. High Court judge.
      • Technological enterprise and technologized enterprise: towards a horizon of normality post-COVID-19.

    Threat detection at scale using osquery and osctrl

    Posted on 06/14/2021
    • Speaker: Javier Marcos de Prado
    • Topic: Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR).
    • Content of the workshop:
      • Introduction to the need to deploy detection infrastructure, in both corporate and production environments, using practical examples. 
      • List of the steps necessary for the automation and deployment of osquery as an agent within a distributed and scalable network.

    Identifying vulnerabilities and exploitation in Windows applications

    Posted on 06/14/2021
    • Speaker: Pablo San Emeterio
    • Topic: security advisories and vulnerability identification.
    • Content of the workshop:
      • Introduction X86 Architecture.
      • Introduction disassemblies.
      • Searching for vulnerabilities in the code.
      • Vulnerability verification.
      • Exploitation of the vulnerability.
      • Bypassing protections.

    DFIR on Windows: What do I extract?

    Posted on 06/14/2021
    • Speaker: Lorenzo Martínez Rodríguez
    • Topic: Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR).
    • Content of the workshop:
      • Security incidents.
      • Live response vs. post-mortem.
      • Types of forensic artefacts: user, system and file system.
      • Triage with Wintriage!
      • Artifact analysis in Windows: Registry, Trash, Navigation and MFT.

    Proactive cybersecurity for Blueteams, ninja techniques for new threats

    Posted on 06/14/2021
    • Speaker: Jose Luis Navarro Adam
    • Topic: security advisories and vulnerability identification
    • Index:
      • Description of the workshop and objective to be achieved
      • Deployment of the infrastructure and segmentation of perimeter zones on virtual machines
      • Perimeter Firewall configuration 
      • Deployment and configuration of the SIEM server
      • Installation and configuration of the detection and response scripts 
      • Wargames
      • Questions