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CyberCamp 2014, the first European forum aimed at attracting top talent in the field of online security, has arrived

Posted on 11/12/2014
Logotipo de Cybercamp

The Spanish Institute of Cibersecurity (INCIBE), an organisation related to the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and the Secretary of State for Telecoms and the Information Society, has announced the upcoming celebration of CyberCamp 2014. The event, which will run from 5 – 7 December, will be Europe’s first event aimed at promoting and attracting young talent in the field of IT security.

CyberCamp 2014, which will take place at the Exhibition Hall (Pabellón Multiusos I) in Madrid’s Casa de Campo park, is a free meeting point that will bring world renowned experts in IT security such as Jeff Moss, founder of Black Hat and DEFCON, and advisor to President Obama on the subject of cybersecurity; and Chema Alonso, CEO of Eleven Paths, under one roof. The event will combine bespoke activities and workshops for families, students, professionals, entrepreneurs and jobseekers.

In the space dedicated to professions and entrepeneurship, the conference panel will be supplemented by practical workshops led by some of the leading experts in their respective areas of expertise, the presentation of projects and best practices, and a developer Hackathon focused on online security.

CyberCamp will also play host to a networking forum for employers and jobseekers as well as training and support groups for families. These will cover widely debated topics such as cyberbullying and will include the participation of specialists and experts from the national security services. All these activities will take place in an environment conducive to entertainment and networking.

According to Miguel Rego, Managing Director of the INCIBE, “CyberCamp responds to our commitment to strengthening IT security, trust and privacy in the context of the Information Society. It provides added value to citizens, companies, the Public Sector, the academic and research communities, the ITC industry and other strategic areas of economic activity.”

A series of technical tests and online challenges with a range of themes and levels of difficulty have been designed to meet the forum’s key objective of attracting talent and identifying bright lights in IT security. Entrepreneurs can express their interest in participating via the CyberCamp website with the opportunity of winning prizes of between 3000 and 7000 euros for the most inspiring projects presented. The finalists will also have the chance of participating in a sales mission or in a business incubator program in order to develop their idea and obtain microcredits or investment.

CyberCamp forms part of the Program for Excellence in Online Security within the Digital Trust Plan of the Spanish government’s Digital Agenda. You can access the full agenda for activities at CyberCamp 2014 via the official website: http://cybercamp.es/