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Over 50 % of parents allow their children to use the internet without any supervision

Posted on 11/20/2014
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Over half of parents authorise their children to use Messenger, WhatsApp and surf the internet without any adult supervision. Scarcely 54 % of them talk to their children about the negative consequences of accessing inappropriate online content, and little over a third check their child’s profile in social networks, who they friend or what groups they belong to.

This is just some of the data provided by a recent study of how children and young people in Spain use and protect themselves online in Spain, performed by the Secretary of State for Security. In this context, according to Miguel Rego, Managing Director of the Spanish Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE), “social networks and other online tools are useful for children to learn and to socialize and are therefore to be encouraged, however it is also necessary to ensure that they develop the right criteria when selecting in which environment they should participate and who they should include as a friend because that friend will have their personal data and that information can be used to harm them. At CyberCamp we give special importance to this subject.”

In the context of CyberCamp 2014, INCIBE proposes a special program in which the Security Services together with leading international experts in online security will develop a series of open and free activities focused on raising awareness of the safe use of new technologies and of the risks and threats that currently exist on the web. Experts of worldwide renown such as Santos González, Professor at the University of Oviedo and leader of the Algebra, Coding and Cryptographic research group; Josep Albors, Communications Director of ESET: Ángel Pablo Avilés “Angelucho”, author of the book, “X1RedMasSegura”, César Lorenzana, Captain of the Online Crime Unit of the Guardia Civil, and María Ángeles Pérez, Psychologist for the Office of Attention for Crime Victims of the Salamanca City Court will participate at the event.

Among the activities programmed for CyberCamp, which takes place next 5 – 7 December at the Exhibition Hall (Pabellón Multiusos I) at Madrid’s Casa de Campo park, are specialist workshops for which parents, families and children can register for free over the event web site. These will cover subjects of substantial interest such as the prevention of cyberbullying, awareness of the dangers of the internet, using and abusing the web, keys to cryptography for children, parental control or the safe use of social networks.

As part of the forum specially targeted at families there will be workshops specifically designed to awaken interest among young people and stimulate their passion for technology. All this will take place in an entertaining atmosphere in which children will be able to take part highly creative activities such as musical workshops, or interacting with and programing robots via a mobile phone.


About CyberCamp


CyberCamp 2014 is the creation of INCIBE, an organisation linked to the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR) and the Secreteray of State for Telecoms and the Information Society (SETSI). It is the first major European event with the key objective of promoting and attracting talent among young minds with capabilities and knowledge in the field of cybersecurity. You can access the full program of activities at CyberCamp2014 specially targeted at families via: https://cybercamp.es/familia