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Do you know your risks?

Companies depend on information and technology to function normally, but have you ever thought about what would happen if you lose all the information or the possibility of accessing it?

How is your level of cybersecurity? Your organization might well be exposed to threats that you cannot even imagine:

  • That computer room situated right underneath the toilets of the floor above.
  • That antivirus program bought in 2011 and never updated since.
  • That customer database stored on a single machine, without anybody keeping a back-up copy.
  • That access password for the billing program that is written on a post-it note stuck to the screen of a machine, just in case it gets forgotten.
  • That lap-top with confidential information that is more than once was almost left behind in a taxi.

To help businesses to evaluate the state of their cyber-security and progress to higher levels of protection, INCIBE has made available a self-assessment kit specially designed for the purpose. Users are guided through a set of questions to determine the security status of their information, the threats to the functioning of their firms, and the aspects that should be improved. All of this is intended to start measuring, so we can start improving.

Tool resources are only available in Spanish.