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What interests you?

Not many years ago, the concept of data security was practically unheard of. Equipment and the servers had to be protected, and the concepts of cyber attack and cybersecurity were virtually unknown. Things have changed a lot in recent years we no longer manage computer systems now that we manage the information. This has caused cybersecurity to extend beyond the limits of the IT department to reach the rest of the company. If someone handles information, that person must apply security measures. With this objective, INCIBE has produced a complete set of materials that cover all aspects of information security. All of this aimed at facing the transition of our organizations into the digital world with the highest level of guarantees, confidence and, above all, cyber-security.

If you are unsure what issues might apply in your company, use the tool that we provide below. Through a series of questions, we guide you on topics that may be of your interest.

Tool resources are only available in Spanish.