Cybersecurity Summer BootCamp will be held in León, Spain


The event will take place in the following locations:



Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute headquarters.

The welcome cocktail and the practical workshops of the Policy Makers - Intensive groups will take place at the INCIBE facilities, specifically in the auditorium.


     Av. de José Aguado, 41, 24005 Leónicon


University of Leon (CRAI-TIC building)


MEETING POINT: The first day of training, July 17th, students must go to the CRAI-TIC building based in the University of Leon at 8:30 a.m.

CLASSROOM ASSIGNMENT: Once there, each group will be assigned to a classroom where they will receive the training.

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     Calle Diario de León, 24007 Leónicon


University of Leon (University library "San Isidoro")

Universidad de león (Biblioteca San Isidoro)

Role-play activities will take place in the University library "San Isidoro" located in the University of Leon.


     Campus de Vegazana, s/n, 24071 Leónicon


Leon Auditorium

Auditorio de León

Master clases included in the training will take place at the Leon Auditorium.

As well as, the oficial opening acts of July 16th and closing ceremony on July 27th will be held here.



     Av. de los Reyes Leoneses, 4, 24008 León



To facilitate the transfer between the different venues, the Organization will make a free bus service available to students.