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Investigation of cryptocurrency-related crime

Posted on 06/14/2021
  • Speaker: Carlos Cilleruelo
  • Topic: cryptocurrencies and bank fraud.
  • Content of the workshop:
    • Context of the use of cryptocurrencies. Not everything is Bitcoin, explaining that there are multiple types, each with its own characteristics. 
    • What crimes are associated with cryptocurrencies? What cryptocurrencies are used in crime?
    • Use of cryptocurrencies in dark markets. Operation of markets for the sale of drugs or weapons on darknets. 
    • Ransomware and its combination of cryptocurrencies. 
    • Tax evasion using cryptocurrencies. Use of ATMs to launder cryptocurrencies. 
    • Other types of laundering using online gambling platforms or debit cards.
    • Where are cryptocurrencies stored? Introduction to forensic analysis of wallets and communication exchanges. 
    • Cryptocurrency analysis tools. What tools are there to analyse cryptocurrency transactions? 
    • Crime analysis using Graphsense (Practical part of the workshop).
    • Current and future issues in the analysis of cryptocurrencies centred on anonymity.  
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