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Ethical and cybersecurity risks in adopting emerging technologies

Posted on 06/14/2021
  • Speaker: Pablo Ballarin Usieto
  • Topic: Risk management in adopting emerging technologies
  • Content of the workshop:
    • Introduction
    • Cybersecurity risks in emerging technologies
      • Concepts
      • Particularities of IOT/IA architectures and their vulnerabilities
      • Attack vectors and types of attacks on AI/IOT platforms
      • Theoretical risk analysis of an IA/IOT platform
      • Baseline for securitisation of an IA/IOT platform
      • Real-life example of a risk analysis of a Brain-Computer Interface product.
      • Class exercises: identifying risks in given scenarios and defining protection baselines.
    • Ethical risks in emerging technologies
      • Ethical principles in emerging technologies
      • User and societal impact
      • Applications that do not follow these principles
      • What is trusted AI?
      • Example guidelines: EU Ethical Design Guidance, Montreal Ethical AI Declaration, Beijing AI Principles
      • Aligning AI with ethical principles
      • Real-life example of an assessment of the ethical principles of an AI
      • Exercises: Identifying issues in given scenarios, and finding possible approaches to solutions
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