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Investigating under supposed identities

Posted on 06/14/2021
  • Speaker: Ruth Sala Ordoñez
  • Topic: Technological research and case law
  • Content of the workshop: The ease of access to the Internet has fostered the growing use of the Internet as a facilitating instrument of searches by investigators for any data that helps to find out the crime and the identity of the criminals. The workshop places special emphasis on all the roles that admit the use of the supposed identity for the investigation, the suspicions derived from obtaining the evidences of the virtual environment and its possible qualification as legal or illegal. 
    • Results of the previous questionnaire.
    • Normative, legal and doctrinal study of the undercover agent and the undercover online agent. 
      • Principles of action, limits to its activity, probative value of the results obtained with its activity.
    • The intelligence report obtained in open sources OSINT. 
      • Concept and fundamentals.
      • The subject responsible for the OSINT intelligence report (Judicial Police Agent; the individual investigator; the expert).
      • The supposed identity: consequences of the incorporation into the judicial process of the evidence obtained under the presumed identity. 
      • The probative value of the OSINT report.
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