Pablo Ballarin Usieto

Pablo Ballarin Usieto

He provides cybersecurity and ethics strategy and governance services. In recent years, it has assisted different types of companies (retail, universities, banking, telecommunications, public administrations, media, industry, ...) in Europe and South America. He has also worked as an IT auditor for telecommunications regulators in South America, he is a professor of Cybersecurity and AI ethics in different degrees and Masters, and he is a member of different organisations (ISACA Valencia director, coordinator of the Industrial Cybersecurity Centre in Aragón, ODISEIA- AI Observatory).

Over the past few years, he has also carried out different research related to ethical and cybersecurity challenges in emerging technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Brain Computer Interfaces solutions, IOT), and has participated as a speaker in different national and international conferences.

Senior telecommunications engineer and cybersecurity specialist, is co-founder of Balusian.