Check the agenda of #12ENISE for each of the tracks:

  • Simultaneous translation: Yes
  • Streaming: YES
  • Open to the public
  • Room Capacity: Max. 600 people

10:00Welcome words
  • Antonio Silván, Mayor of León
10:05Official opening
  • Sr. Francisco Polo Llavata, Secretary of State for Digital Advance
10:30Conference: Development of a new national cybersecurity strategy
  • Joaquin Castellón, Operating Director of the Department of National Security of The Presidency Of The Government
11:00Conference: International collaboration in defence of cybersecurity
  • Julia Alicia Olmo y Romero, Ambassador in Special Mission for Hybrid Threats and Cybersecurity
11:20Conference: International collaboration in defence of cybersecurity
  • Allison August Treppel, Executive Secretary, Inter - American Committee against Terrorism, Organisation of American States (OAS)
11:40Coffe Break 
12:10Conference: Global cybersecurity situation
  • Eduardo Mastranza, Executive Partner, Gartner
12:45Panel: International collaborative initiatives in the field of incident reporting


  • Megat Muazzam Abdul Mutalib, Head of Department at Malaysia Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT)
  • Laurent Weber, Managing Director of Governmental CERT Luxembourg (
  • Javier Berciano, Head of INCIBE Computer Emergency Response Team (INCIBE-CERT)

Moderator: Ana Santos, Head of OSI and IS4K. INCIBE

13:30Conference: Cybersecurity trends in the eyes of a technological giant
  • Karen Gaines, Regional Leader - Cybersecurity Solutions, Microsoft
13:30Military Cyber Defence
  • Néstor Ganuza. TCol Cyber Defence Joint Command
14:20Lunch break 
15:20Presentation of Household Panel


  • Cristina Gutiérrez, Cybersecurity Specialist at INCIBE
  • Alberto Urueña López, Deputy Director of Studies at ONTSI.
15:55Conference: How to know if your car is cybersecure. Which models are the most cyberprotective for driver and passengers
  • Azucena Hernández Palmero, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cybentia
16:30Panel: The challenge of Integral security and IT / OT convergence for digital transformation


  • Elena Matilla, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)- Responsible for cybersecurity government and management at Red Eléctrica de España
  • Florencio Jose Retortillo Rodrigez, Director of Security at Endesa
  • Javier Montoya Tomás, Director of Security at Aigües de Barcelona
  • Agustín Valencia Gil-Ortega, Global Head of cybersecurity OT and IT / OT convergence initiatives at Iberdrola

Moderator: Fernando J. Sanchez, Director General, CNPIC)

17:15Conference: Introduction to Industrial Cybersecurity
  • Enrique Redondo, Responsible for Industrial Control Systems (INCIBE)

09:30Panel: Bug Bounty as a tool towards a Vulnerability Management Program


  • Katie Moussouris, Chief Executive Officer at Luta Security
  • Casey Ellis, Chief Technology Officer at Bugcrowd
  • Adam Ruddermann, Director of NCC Group

Moderator: Raúl Riesco, Head of Intelligence and Industrial Control Systems at INCIBE

10:20Panel: The challenge of ensuring cybersecurity


  • Nieves Malagón, Head of marketing commercial Lines at AXA
  • Iratxe San Pedro Gallego, Deputy Director of the Civil Liability Area at Mapfre Spain
  • Carmen Segovia Blázquez, National Head of Cyber Risks at AON Risk Solutions
  • Alan Abreu González, Head of Cyber Risks at Hiscox

Moderator: Jose de la Peña, Director of SIC Magazine

11:10Coffe Break 
11:40Panel: Data leakage: legal and reputational implications


  • Andrés Calvo Medina, Coordinator of the Unit of Evaluation and Technological Studies of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection
  • Francisco Pérez Bes, Secretary General at INCIBE
  • Daniel Escoda, Director of Legal Consultancy at Telefónica Spain
  • Belen Arribas, Partner of Privacy, IT & Digital Business at Andersen Tax & Legal

Moderator: Pablo García Mexía, J.D., Ph.D. Digital Jurist, Vice President, Internet Society-Spanish Chapter

12:30Conference: New challenges in cybersecurity: the hybrid threat
  • Félix Arteaga, Principal Investigator, Security and Defence, Elcano Royal Institute
13:05Conference: Success stories in the fight against cybercrime (National Police)


  • Carlos Yuste, Chief Inspector of the Technological Unit of the National Police
  • Javier Sánchez Pastor
13:25Conference: Success stories in the fight against cybercrime (Guardia Civil)
  • Juan Antonio Rodríguez Álvarez de Sotomayor, Head of the Department of Telematic Crimes of the Organized Crime Unit at Guardia Civil
13:50Conference: INCIBE cybersecurity services
  • Marcos Gómez, Deputy Director of Cybersecurity Services at INCIBE
14:20Lunch Break 
15:30Panel: CISO Professional Practice


  • Eva Cristina Cañete, Chief of Information Security Officer at Caser
  • Beatriz Soto, Chief of Information Security Officer at Caser
  • Pablo López, 2nd Head of the Cybersecurity Department at CCN
  • Carles Solé Pascual, Chief of Information Security Officer at CaixaBank
  • Francisco Lázaro, Chief of Information Security Officer at Renfe

Moderator: Gianlucca D'Antonio, Chairman of ISMS Forum Spain

16:15Conference: Attracting and engaging talent in cybersecurity


  • Eva Román, Managing Consultant, EMEA HR CoE & Technology Officers Practice, Korn Ferry
  • Alex Weishaupt, Responsible for the Cybersecurity CoE EMEA , Korn Ferry
16:50Conference: Beyond cryptocurrencies: Blockchain potential and cybersecurity implications
  • Carlos Kuchkovsky, Chief Technology Officer of New Digital Business at BBVA
17:2512 ENISE Awards Ceremony 
17:4512 ENISE Closing Session 
  • Simultaneous translation: Yes
  • Streaming: YES
  • Open to the public
  • Room Capacity: Max. 150 people

14:20Lunch Break 
15:20INCIBE Entrepreneurship Program


  • David Pascual Portela, Director of Indraventures at Indra
  • Alejandro Villar, Director of Cybersecurity and Technological Risk at Repsol
  • Francisco Javier González Manzano, Executive of Caixa Capital Risc
  • Juan Manuel Corchado Rodríguez, Director of IoT European Digital Innovation Hub
  • David Abril Pérez, Project Manager at INTDEA
  • Carmen Sanz, Director General of Sodical

Moderator: Ignacio Caño, Responsible for Cybersecurity Industry, INCIBE

16:15Panel: New opportunities responding to sectorized challenges in cybersecurity


  • Jacinto Muñoz, Security Risk and Governance Director at Mapfre
  • Juan Carlos Gómez, Global Director of Cyber Intelligence, Control and Response to Cyber Threats at Telefónica
  • Francisco Lázaro Anguis, Chief Information Security Officer at Renfe
  • Jordi Águila Espinasa, Senior Software Engineer

Moderator: Beatriz García, Intelligence Specialist at INCIBE

17:10Panel: Demand-Oriented Cybersecurity research


  • Carmen Fernández - Gago, Researcher of Network Information and Computer Security at University of Malaga
  • Marina Martínez - García, H2020 Programme Officer, CDTI
  • Vicente Matellán, Director General of Supercomputing Center of Castile and Leon (SCAYLE)
  • Ana Ayerbe, Director of the IT Competitiveness Business Area, Tecnalia
  • Alfonso Fernández Doval, Head of Technology Transfer Unit Dept. of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León

Moderator: Juan Díez, Coordinator of R&D Support (INCIBE)

09:30Panel: Internationalization of Cybersecurity Start-ups. Are we ready?


  • Frederic Thenault, Founder of Syneidis Cybersecurity
  • Jorge Marcos Fernández, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Simarks
  • Simón Roses, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Vulnex
  • Wilson Rainho, Lead Startup Scout at Startupbootcamp Smart City & IoT

Moderator: Jorge Alvar, Director of Infrastructure, Health and ICT, ICEX

10:20Panel: Cybersecurity Hub Castile and Leon, activities in progress and next steps


  • Beatriz Casado, Director of the Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castile and Leon (ICE)
  • Luis Panizo, Secretary of the AEI Cybersecurity and Advanced Technologies
  • Adela Álvarez Morán, IT Manager at ILDEFE

Moderator: Adriana Suárez Corona, Director of International Projection at University of León

11:10Coffe Break 
11:40Panel: M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions). Start-ups and large cybersecurity companies: from a dance partner to a marriage of convenience


  • Rames Sarwat Shaker, Director of Strategic Alliances, Telefónica-Eleven Paths
  • Carlos Moreira, Investment Director, Sonae IM
  • Daniel Solis, Chief Executive Officer of Blueliv
  • Jose Ramón Palanco, VP Threat Intelligence at Telefónica-ElevenPaths and Founder of Dinoflux
  • Miguel Rego, Chief Executive Officer at iHackLabs

Moderator: Tatiana Gutiérrez, CyberCamp Specialist at INCIBE

12:45Panel: Success stories of INCIBE entrepreneurship programs


  • Patricia Díez, Director of Marketing and Communication at Electronic ID
  • Fernando Mateus, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Kymatio
  • Mauro Graziosi, Chief Executive Officer of SMARTFENSE

Moderator: Victoria Valbuena, Technical office for investments attraction at ILDEFE

13:50Conference: the Swiss mountain
  • David Barroso, Founder at CounterCraft
14:20Lunch Break 
15:30Panel: Searching public funding for Start-ups


  • Alberto Moratiel, Institutional Relations, ENISA
  • Raúl García Esparza, Cybersecurity Officer, Promotion and Cooperation Division, CDTI
  • Rosalía Martos, Area of Mediation with Financial Institutions, ICO

Moderator: María Soledad Aldonza, Legal Specialist at INCIBE

16:15Conclusions of the technological transfer Panels


  • Ignacio Caño, Responsible for Cybersecurity Industry at INCIBE
  • Diana Paulina Suárez, Cybersecurity Industry Specialist at INCIBE
16:50Panel: Love is in the air "Investors and Start-ups, doomed to love each other?"


  • Cristina Bentué, Director of Operations at Continuum Security
  • Juan Revuelta, Director of Investment at Swanlaab Venture Factory
  • Diego Sánchez Arboleya, Investment Manager at Faraday
  • Carlos Tomás Moro, CTO and Founder de Enigmedia

Moderator: Sara García Becares, Responsible for Talent at INCIBE

17:45Closing Session 12ENISE 
  • Simultaneous translation: NO
  • Streaming: NO
  • Open to the public
  • Room Capacity: Max. 25 people

13:30S21sec | Nextel
  • Application of Intelligence in Security Operations, Threat Hunting and Incident Response
  • Practical and Scalable Security by Design
14:20unch break 
  • Comprehensive Cybersecurity, from Infrastructure to Employee
15:45INNOTEC, Grupo Entelgy
  • The Firewall Mindset, a new model of cybersecurity awareness
  • Service quality and threat management in SMEs
  • Compliance and Cybersecurity in Industrial Environments: Integrated view of the ENS, GDPR and PIC law and Integrated supervision of the industrial environment, operation and security..
  • The importance of simplifying PCI DSS certification processes for means of payment
  • The Value of a Security Operations Center
17:25A2 SECURE
  • Cloud Security

  • Supercomputing services for cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity in SMEs
  • Comprehensive security for your digital transformation
  • Internal investigation, incident response and regulatory compliance with forensic assurance
11:10Coffe break 
  • Success case of awareness. Social Hacking Techniques
  • Protect your network in 20 minutes
  • Mercury: Implementation of security, segmentation and control in industrial networks without production stoppages.
  • Strong authentication (MFA) from the hand of Forex iT and Watchguard
  • Information exchange solutions between security domains/ "Cross- domain solutions"
14:20Lunch Break 
  • Job Transformations and Cybersecurity
  • Identify vulnerable areas of your infrastructure
  • Privacy Solutions for Healthcare sector
  • VerifDoc: Advanced Digital Signature Solutions
  • Cybersecurity to the left of the BOOM. Case of use.
  • Simultaneous translation: NO
  • Streaming: NO
  • Open to the public
  • Room Capacity: Max. 25 people

13:30Grupo TRC- Symantec
  • Challenges and Threats in a Disruptive World: What's to Come.
  • Active Cybersecurity in the prevention of Intrusions in your system.
14:20Lunch Break 
  • Evolutionary Security: Adaptive and Connected Defence
  • How to Apply IT Security Standards to SAP
  • Application security services tailored to the needs of each business
  • Hybrid Cloud Security
  • RGPD and Risk Analysis: A New Paradigm
  • IICC Cybersecurity based on orchestrated data-driven decision
  • Real-time management of mobile security events

  • Your data, our mission
  • Hardening of users: management of the missing layer
  • Targeted attacks, the latest trend
  • Security Incident Management
11:10Coffe Break 
  • Hardening of industrial nets with FlowNAC.
  • Next Generation Cybersecurity
  • The "I" and the "I ACCEPT". Digital Identity and Electronic Evidence.
  • Do we have professionals prepared to manage the risks of cyberspace?
  • Hunt 4.0 for "Invisible Enemy," Cyber Intelligence and Comprehensive Security
  • Digital Identity – Key Element in the Digital Ecosystem
14:20Lunch Break 
  • GDPR: Good regulation, but... what about technology?
  • The last line of defence - data protection insurance and cybersecurity for SMEs
16:20S2 GRUPO
  • Tools designed together with CCN CERT for Incident Detection and Management. GLORIA AND CARMEN
  • How to get out of the shadows in "cloud" environments.
  • Tools for enterprise security and compliance
  • Simultaneous translation: NO
  • Streaming: NO
  • Restricted access

11:50"Regional Working Group on Cybersecurity" - LOCKs in the framework of the CYBER project
  • Presentation Opportunities in Cybersecurity Castilla y León
  • Brief introduction of results at the interregional level in the CYBER project (presentation)
  • Conclusion and next steps

10:00Automóvil conectado ciberseguro
  • First meeting on the connected car cybersecurity. Security must be manifested throughout the life cycle of the vehicle and the attacks will affect in terms of public perception all actors in the value chain. There is an opportunity and need to collaborate across the industry to adopt a cybersecurity mindset within security, and this workshop is the perfect meeting point for industry companies, regulators, integrators, and cybersecurity providers who come to ENISE on time each year. During the meeting, success stories will be discussed, the most relevant issues will be debated and, at the end, a document will be drawn up with the conclusions of the meeting.
12:20Speed dating of investors with Cybersecurity start-ups
  • speed-dating activity to "make investors fall in love" with the most innovative projects in Cybersecurity. INCIBE once again gives entrepreneurs the chance to present their project to investors during the ENISE international meeting. This format of meeting between start-ups and entrepreneurs has proved to be effective by following the dynamics of the appointment for a few minutes to decide whether to maintain contact and continue negotiations afterwards. The cycle will be repeated several times, so that the entrepreneur will sit down and interact face to face with each of the investors. On this occasion, the invited investors are Microsoft, Repsol, CaixaBank Risc, Sonae, and Mundi Ventures.
16:00Integral Labor Orientation Plan (Ministry of Defence)
  • Presentation on the Comprehensive Work Orientation Plan being implemented by the Ministry of Defence and on cybersecurity training for military personnel planned for the near future.