Cybersecurity Summer BootCamp

The Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) and the Organization of American States (OAS) annually organise the Cybersecurity Summer BootCamp, an international training programme specialised in cybersecurity aimed at Security Forces and Agencies, the Public Prosecutor's Office, Judges and Magistrates, Policy Makers & Cyberdiplomatics and Cyber Incident Response Centre Specialists.

In 2024, the ninth edition of the event, already confirmed as a unique, world-renowned convention, committed to providing cutting-edge training regarding cybersecurity and which aspires to continue to grow. In this edition, the event will consist of:

  • Master seminars in an in-person format so that all cybersecurity professionals can participate in this joint INCIBE and OAS initiative. This session will last three hours and will be held in the mornings on 9th July. It will consist of international keynotes in the speaker's language of reference, with simultaneous translation services.
  • Restricted training workshops in an in-person format, lasting 5 hours, held in the mornings of 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17 & 18 July:
    • Police investigation: (Spanish)
    • CSIRTs operations: (Spanish & English)
    • Prosecutors: (Spanish)
    • Judges and magistrates: (Spanish)
    • Political, regulatory, or legislative actors: (Spanish, English & French)

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Iniciativa internacional de capacitación en ciberseguridad de carácter gratuito

Free international event



To train and instruct in the latest techniques for the fight against cybercrime, the management of cybersecurity incidents and the legislation to take all of them into account.

Público objetivo

Target audience

Specialists in the State Security Forces and Agencies (SSFA), CERTs, Prosecutors, judges, and magistrates and Policy Makers.

Idioma de las clases ESP./ING.

Language of instruction
SP/EN (French only in the Policy Makers track).

Formato práctico

Practical format


email guión bajo summer BC arroba incibe punto es


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