Edgewatch is an attack surface management platform that assists organizations in the discovery, monitoring and analysis of Internet-accessible devices. It continuously analyzes public IP addresses to expose a unique fingerprint, providing an external security perspective on your infrastructure.

Logo ZGR

ZGR is a technology company within the Power Electronics sector. With its adhesion as a CNA, it becomes a competent entity to assign CVEs to all products manufactured by ZGR.

Logo KrakenD

KrakenD API Gateway is a popular tool in the open source community around the world. As a CNA, its CVE scope includes vulnerabilities detected in KrakenD EE, KrakenD CE and Lura products.

Logo Pandora FMS

Pandora FMS is a Spanish IT infrastructure monitoring software vendor. Its scope of CVE assignment includes all Pandora FMS products, including Pandora FMS, Pandora ITSM and Pandora RC.

Alias Robotics

As of today, September 14, 2021, the Spanish CNA formed by Alias Robotics will be performing its tasks as CNA under the leadership of INCIBE, with the aim of enhancing and facilitating its CVE assignment and publication operations