Contracting Organisation Profile

INCIBE's Procurement Profile is published on the State Procurement Platform, as required by Article 309 of Public Sector Procurement Act, selecting the tab Contracting Organisation Profile and the search parameters "Contracting Organisation: Other Public Sector entities", "Administration Name: S.M.E. Instituto Nacional de Ciberseguridad de España M.P., S.A. (INCIBE)".


The S.M.E. Instituto Nacional de Ciberseguridad de España M.P., S.A. (INCIBE) is a limited state company, created by the Agreement of the Council of Ministers of 27 January 2006 as an instrument for the development of the Knowledge Society and technological development in communication.

For the purposes of procurement, for contracts tendered prior to 9 March 2018, INCIBE is a Public Sector entity, with the status of Awarding Body but without the status of Public Administration, and its contracts are subject to provisions established in Articles 189 to 191 of Section I of Chapter II of Title I, Volume III TRLCSP. Consequently, there are two formats for the award of contracts:

  1. Contracts subject to harmonised regulation (Article 190 TRLCSP). Regime established in Chapter I of Title I of Volume III with the specialisations indicated in Article 190 of the TRLCSP.
  2. Contracts not subject to harmonised regulation (Article 191 TRLCSP). Legal regime established in the Internal Procurement Rules of INCIBE. The Internal Procurement Rules are available to any interested party through this page.

Their procurement is subject the principles of publication, competition, transparency, confidentiality, equality and non-discrimination and ensuring the efficient use of funds allocated to the execution of works, the acquisition of goods and the contracting of services through the requirement for prior definition of the needs to be satisfied, the safeguarding of free competition and selection and award of the contracts to whomever presents the most economically advantageous offer.

For contracts put to tender after 9 March 2018, INCIBE is a Public Sector entity with the status of Awarding Body but without the status of Public Administration and whose contracts are subject to the provisions established in Act 9/2017 of 8 November 2018 on Public Sector Contracts and not Internal Procurement Instructions as established in Article 318.b) and the preamble of the aforementioned Act. From said date, INCIBE shall implement the procedures contained in Section 2 of Chapter I of Title I, Volume Two of the new Act 9/2017.

On the INCIBE Procurement Profile, the open tenders or those in progress for all procedures, including minor ones, planned tenders and awarded contracts are published, along with any other useful general information, such as points of contact and means of communication that can be used for communication with the contracting body.

Prior to 18 February 2015, access to completed tenders is available at the following link of the State Procurement Platform.