Who we work with

INCIBE's network of relationships and alliances ensures co-ordination with different security teams, with national and local governmental agencies, and with other organizations with competence in cybersecurity. Likewise, it supports the recognition as a reference body for ICT and Internet users, for the main Spanish telecoms and Internet operators, and for cybersecurity industry and professionals.

INCIBE’s activities have an international profile. Firstly due to the participation in the main forums specialized in incident handling. Secondly, through its involvement in European Union’s cybersecurity initiatives and structures, ensuring they are in line with European strategies in the field.

This system of links is strengthened with alliances and agreements established with strategic partners for information exchange. It is also complemented by the closed relationships maintained with the cyber-security industry and the digital society. This facilitates and encourages dialogue and public-private collaboration through initiatives like the the Innovative Business Association for Cybersecurity, the Spanish International Congress for Information Security or CyberCamp