With the aim of increasing knowledge on cybersecurity, from INCIBE-CERT we launch these publications in video format, so that in a pleasant and light way the knowledge and technical aspects of cybersecurity can be expanded in various subjects that can be of interest for the public of INCIBE-CERT and for anyone interested in cybersecurity.

The contents of these webinars cover some technical aspects of introduction to different topics within the field of cybersecurity and in particular they may be of interest mainly for system administrators, network administrators, support or helpdesk technicians, developers, and other IT profiles. with basic knowledge in cybersecurity and who want to expand their knowledge and specialize in adequately protecting their systems.

Whireshark useINCIBE

Wireshark use

It shows the basic operation of Wireshark, and the analysis of the results generated by it, thus obtaining a greater knowledge about some protocols commonly used in a network.

Strengthening Wi-Fi security

Review of the various configurations and security options that can be used in setting up an 802.11 wireless network with the cyber security benefits of each one.

Secure development

Introduction to secure development, the challenges a developer must take into account in order to make his projects secure throughout the development cycle, as well as the best tools to rely on.

Phishing introduction and identification

We will analyze the different types of phishing used, demonstrating techniques that can distinguish between a legitimate website and a phishing attack.


Introduction to HTTP/HTTPS traffic analysis with the OWASP ZAP tool, with the aim of giving basic guidelines to those users interested in using this tool.

Apache basic hardening

Configuration issues will be addressed from a practical standpoint to help novice administrators and support teams to understand the advantages produced by a basic minimum hardening more closely and practically.

Public Wi-Fi security

Description of concepts relevant to Wi-Fi security, showing the risks a user may be exposed to when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks that are not properly protected.

Linux basic hardening

Basics for securely setting up a Linux system.

Snort rulesSnort rules

Approaching Snort, an IDS, and showing how it works based on rules, which can be adapted to our needs in order to detect the behaviors that may affect our company.

Password managementINCIBE

Password management

Review of the use and general features of different free digital password managers.