KrakenD adhesion as CNA under the leadership of INCIBE

Posted date 25/10/2022
Logo KrakenD

As of today, October 25, 2022, KrakenD joins the CVE program, assuming as its own from this date the best practices of the CVE program. KrakenD will be responsible for coordinating, assigning and publishing CVEs affecting its own products.

KrakenD API Gateway is a popular tool in the open source community around the world, being the first Spanish server connectivity software company to join the CVE program as a CNA.

To date, in addition to INCIBE, the organizations MITRE, JPCERT/CC, CISA ICS, Google and Red Hat play the role of Root. Moreover, the CVE Program counts with 140 CNAs distributed among 35 countries, 5 of which are in Spain, being KrakenD the fifth Spanish CNA to join it.