ZGR adhesion as CNA under the leadership of INCIBE

Posted date 31/01/2023
Logo ZGR

As of today, November 30, 2021, ZGR joins the CVE program, a new Spanish CNA coordinated by INCIBE Root, being the first one in the energy sector. As well as Alias Robotics and Ártica PFMS, ZGR will perform its duties as a CNA in the assignment and publication of CVEs.

ZGR is a technology company within the Power Electronics sector, offering solutions within the Energy, Transmission & Distribution and Industrial sectors. By joining the CVE program as a CNA, it becomes entitled to assign CVEs to all products manufactured by ZGR.

To date, in addition to INCIBE, the organizations MITRE, JPCERT/CC and CISA ICS play the role of Root. Moreover, there are 203 CNAs distributed among 32 countries, 4 of which are in Spain, being ZGR the fourth Spanish CNA to join the CVE program.