Cybersecurity in TETRA networks study

Posted date 30/03/2023
Cybersecurity in TETRA networks study

The purpose of this study is to provide advanced knowledge about TETRA networks, so that different users can consider this standard for their critical communications, as well as to increase users’ basic knowledge about this type of networks. On the other hand, it defines different types of vulnerabilities that can affect this type of networks and explains how to remedy or mitigate them.

This study aims to explain TETRA networks in all their aspects. This technology is very unknown in different sectors, but very useful depending on the needs and requirements of the companies or users.

The writing has a technical redaction since it is focused on explaining all the aspects related to TETRA networks both for users who do not know the protocol and for users who want to improve the security features of their TETRA networks or see the possibilities that it offers, but at the same time it maintains a basic language for the understanding of the study by any person interested in this technology.

In addition, different measures for network securitization and vulnerability mitigation are proposed.

Finally, reference is made to current technologies with similarities to TETRA networks, a preview of possible future technologies is presented, and a conclusion is made evaluating TETRA as a communication technology in all its aspects.