Mission ECCC

European Cybersecurity Competence Centre

This initiative is part of the EU's cybersecurity policies, the main objective of which is to increase Europe's cybersecurity capabilities and competitiveness. It builds on the experience that already exists in more than 660 centres of cybersecurity expertise in all Member States that responded to a survey conducted by the European Commission in 2018 to identify the existing R&D&I competences at European level.

The mission of the Competence Centre is to help the European Union to:

  • Boost EU capabilities, competences and technological means related to the resilience and reliability of network and information systems infrastructures, critical infrastructures, and hardware and software in common use in the EU.
  • Cooperate to take a proactive and longer-term strategic approach to industrial cybersecurity policy that goes beyond research and development. This approach will contribute to the emergence of solutions to the cybersecurity challenges faced by the public and private sectors and support the effective deployment of these solutions.

To this end, the ECCC acts by:

  • Creating and coordinating the NCC network and the Cybersecurity Competence Community.
  • Making strategic investment decisions and pooling EU, Member State and industry resources.
  • Implementing cybersecurity-related financial support from the Horizon Europe and Digital Europe programmes.

This initiative helps to close the skills and capabilities gap of cybersecurity professionals and to avoid brain drain to other sectors by activating the whole cybersecurity R&D&I value chain on a large scale with specific actions for the identification, promotion, attraction and retention of talent.

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