INCIBE Inspira. Desafíos de ciberseguridad en la transformación digital



We are currently working on future editions of the programme. Any news will be published as soon as possible.

What is #INCIBEinspira?

They are thematic inspirational days on cybersecurity that aim to identify and generate a critical mass of entrepreneurial talent and promote initiatives that respond to the new challenges facing cybersecurity.

Who Are They Aimed at?

Individuals with an entrepreneurial drive, interested in developing a business idea in cybersecurity.

Target audience for this initiative:

  • Students
  • Professionals from training centres and universities
  • Researchers
  • Professionals from technology centres
  • ICT professionals
  • Entrepreneurs with projects in different stages of development
  • Individuals with an entrepreneurial drive and interest

What Do These Conferences Consist of?


The thematic inspirational conferences have the following characteristics:

  • They may be held either in person or online.
  • Each day will deal with a single topic.
  • They are developed by experts in entrepreneurship and cybersecurity, with extensive experience in the subject to be addressed..
  • The conferences will consist of an inspirational part and a practical workshop in which issues of interest in the field of entrepreneurship (design thinking, agile methodologies, business models, digital skills, etc.) will be addressed.
  • They are fully conducted in Spanish.
  • They are free of charge for attendees.


Each day will have an approximate duration between 4 and 4.5 hours.

The webinars will last for approximately 2.5 hours.

Results obtained to date

  • Nearly 300 participants in the latest edition.
  • 23 projects identified with high entrepreneurial potential.

Editions of #INCIBEinspira

Should you have any doubts about how INCIBE can help you in the entrepreneurial process, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions section or send us your query to r e l a c i o n e s punto i n d u s t r i a a r r o b a i n c i b e p u n t o e s.

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