International Business Forum

Within the initiatives to strengthen Cybersecurity industry through the generation of business and internationalization opportunities, INCIBE organizes, for the third consecutive year, the International Business Forum for companies  of the Spanish Cybersecurity sector, in collaboration with ICEX.

The International Business Forum is an opportunity for a direct meeting between investors of sophisticated demand from third countries and national companies that present their offer of cybersecurity products and services.

Selected countries (in collaboration with Spanish Commercial Offices of ICEX) for the attraction of sophisticated demand are Germany, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. Investors of sophisticated demand from the sectors Critical Infrastructure Operation (Finance and Energy) and Industry 4.0 will be present at 12ENISE to learn about the Spanish offer in cybersecurity.

Internationabl Business Forum

Why participate in the 12ENISE International Business Forum?

  • Because it allows meetings that generates business and internationalization opportunities for the Spanish Cybersecurity industry.
  • Because it contributes to promote the international development of companies belonging to the Technology Hub and generate business of innovative solutions of Cybersecurity.
  • Because it helps to channel and lead the increase in the turnover of Spanish companies of Cybersecurity in the national and international market.

International buyers

  • SIEMENS (Germany)
  • HÄVG Rechenzentrum GmbH (Germany)
  • GENUA GmbH (Germany)
  • Banco de Occidente (Colombia)
  • Celsia (Colombia)
  • GECELCA (Colombia)
  • Banco AV Villas (Colombia)
  • ENEL (Mexico)
  • FERMACA (Mexico)
  • AES GENER (Chile)

Participation rules

Spanish companies interested in participating in the 12ENISE International Business Forum can review the participation rules at the following link.

How to participate in the 12ENISE International Business Forum?

Previous phase: participation request:

In this initial phase, Spanish companies interested in participating in the International Business Forum must send an application for participation to relaciones dot industria at incibe dot es, including:

  • Subject of the mail "Application for participation in the International Business Forum 12ENISE"
  • Attached documentation:
    • Signed application form and sworn statement in which the participant manifests developing activities related to Cybersecurity.
    • Request form for bilateral meetings with international buyers, filled according to order of priority.

Information of interest:

Face-to-face phase: meetings at 12ENISE

On October 23rd and 24th, during 12ENISE event, bilateral meetings will be held between supply and demand.

Members of the international mission (qualified international investors of Cybersecurity solutions) will hold pre-planned private meetings, lasting 20 minutes, with Spanish cybersecurity specialists registered in the previous phase, and confirmed by INCIBE according to the participation rules that regulate the call.

Both investors and suppliers will receive in advance the details of the meetings scheduled for October 23rd and 24th, according to their preferences. Each investor agrees to dedicate a maximum of 6 hours distributed between the two days of 12ENISE.