Meet the Investor

We have the pleasure of inviting you to the Meet the Investor space, organised by INCIBE as part of 17ENISE!

This exclusive event is designed to provide Spanish companies in the cybersecurity industry with a unique opportunity to connect with international investors and secure their future growth.

The Meet the Investor meeting is a platform where you will be able to:

  • Present products and ideas to investors: You will have the opportunity to showcase your leading cybersecurity solutions and demonstrate your company's value in front of a key audience of international investors.
  • Interact with international and strategic investors: Connect with investors and representatives of investment funds specialising in cybersecurity, who will be interested in supporting and financing innovative projects.
  • Find financing opportunities: Take advantage of the possibility of obtaining financing to boost your company's growth and take your cybersecurity solutions to the next level.

This event seeks to secure the future of your company, giving you the opportunity to establish valuable connections with both Spanish and international companies and investors.

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