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Co-founder and Director of Bit Life Media
Extended biography

A journalist and communicator specialising in cybersecurity, technology and innovation.

Co-founder and director of Bit Life Media, a supplier of communication services and awareness-raising actions in computer security and technology (bitlifemedia.es), and a news outlet specialising in technology, cybersecurity and innovation (bitlifemedia.com).

A regular contributor in the news media as a cybersecurity awareness disseminator, moderator and professional presenter at conferences and events.

She won the of the “Cybersecurity Communicator” Prize given by the PETEC Association and second prize in the “1st Prize for Computer Security Journalists” from ESET. She is the author of the book “Cybersecurity: Tips to Lead Safer Digital Lives” (Editatum, 2018).

She is a contributor to the weekly radio programme “CiberAfterwork”, which is broadcast every Monday at 6.30 p.m. on Capital Radio, a space that has surpassed 100 programmes on the air and the winner of the “SIC Award for Raising Awareness of Cybersecurity”.

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