40 Million dollars stole in cryptocurrency

The Korean exchange Coinrail has been affected by a theft of 40 million dollars in cryptocurrencies Altcoins, cryptocurrencies that are derived from the Bitcoin source code. Stolen Altcoins are equivalent in dollars to: 19.5 million Pundi X (NPXS), 13.8 Aston X (ATX), 5.8 Dent (DENT), 1.1 Tron (TRX) as indicated by the wallet associated with the incident.

As soon as Coinrail detected the attack it put its web portal in maintenance mode and reported that it had moved all the wallet to a cold storage, that is, off the Internet. Coinrail also reported from its profile on Twitter that they are investigating the incident and working with the companies of the stolen cryptocurrency to freeze the wallet associated with the theft and that he can not exchange the stolen cryptocurrencies.

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