Ciberattack aganist Dropbox Sign

Dropbox, a company that offers cross-platform file hosting service in the cloud, among others such as Dropbox Sign for signing documents online, has been the victim of an attack by a cybercriminal who managed to gain access to its systems and its customers data.

The attacker managed to gain access to the Dropbox Sign (formerly HelloSign) configuration tool, which is located on the backend, although most details remain unknown because the case is in the hands of forensic investigation teams hired by the company.

According to company statements, the attacker accessed information related to all Dropbox Sign users, including account settings, names and emails. For some users, phone numbers, hashed passwords and authentication information such as API keys, OAuth tokens and multi-factor authentication methods were also exposed.

Dropbox closed all sessions and reset passwords, while limiting API functionality until the investigation is complete. In addition, it recommends all users with 2FA to reset it. Finally, it has notified its users to be vigilant for possible phishing attempts with the emails and phones associated with their accounts.