Cryptocurrency scam using the Oviedo Opera's Twitter account

The researcher Henk van Ess has denounced on Twitter the impersonation suffered by the official account of the Oviedo Opera, in which they tried to take advantage of the name of Elon Musk and the official profile of the Oviedo Opera to try to defraud users and obtain assets in cryptocurrencies.

The fraud was detected when fraudulent tweets began to be posted on Elon Musk's real threads that included a link to a page for a supposed event in which, if a certain amount of cryptocurrencies were sent, double that amount would be returned. While this impersonation was active, movements worth $6,800 in BTC and $34,169 in ETH were recorded.

Eventually, the fraudulent websites were dismantled and the Oviedo Opera regained control of its Twitter account.