D-Link confirms data breach after employee phishing attack

On 2 October 2023, D-Link Corporation was notified that it had suffered a data breach, through a forum post claiming the theft of millions of user data.

Upon learning of the situation, the company initiated a thorough investigation by Trend Mirco experts into the situation and took precautionary measures.

D-Link explained that the security breach occurred because an employee was the victim of a phishing attack, which gave the attacker unauthorised access to outdated company data. Following the incident, the company quickly terminated the test lab's services and conducted a comprehensive access control review.

The attacker, who goes by the name "succumb", announced on the Breach Forums site on 1 October that he had stolen the source code for D-Link's D-View network management software, along with millions of entries containing personal information about customers and employees, including details about the company's CEO. However, according to investigations, the stolen information only contained approximately 700 obsolete and fragmented records that had been inactive for at least seven years. These records originated from a product registration system that was terminated in 2015. In addition, most of the data consisted of semi-public and low-sensitivity information.