Fire disrupts the availability of some servers of OVHcloud

OVHcloud, one of largest hosting providers in Europe, has reported that a fire has destroyed part of its IT infrastructure located in some of its four data centres in Strasbourg, whose servers serve multiple companies.

The fire, which broke out on 10th of March, began in a room inside the SBG2 data centre, resulting in the complete burning of the SBG2 data centre and severe damage to SBG1. The other data centres, although not affected, were taken offline.

Firefighters acted immediately to prevent the fire from spreading.

The company is working to resume operations and reestablish the network in its data centres, repairing and installing new equipment. At the same time, it advises affected companies to be cautious of possible cyberattacks and to activate their disaster recovery plans.

OVHcloud continues to investigate the incident.

[Update 22/03/2021]

On Friday 19 March, new problems were confirmed in the SBG1 data centre due to smoke coming from the battery room.

Currently, the SBG3 data centre is fully operational. In contrast, data centres SBG1 and SBG2 remain switched off and secured, and the SBG4 data centre, although operational, is also switched off and secured.

Work to achieve a gradual restart of all data centres is continuing and all affected customers are being kept informed.