The IESE business school suffers a cyberattack that affects customer data

IESE has reported through Twitter and in a press release dated 09/17/2018 published on its web page, have been the victim of a cyberattack through its web channel IESE Publishing, compromising the data of its clients. By the moment they have closed the access to that online store and they have turned off the most critical servers.

This attack was publicly known because the group of hacktivists called "La Nueve" (group linked to Anonymous) released a series of tweets in which it claimed to have accessed the servers of the IESE business school, obtaining confidential data from thousands of customers. As indicated in their messages, the servers worked under Windows XP and ASP.NET.

"La Nueve" states in its tweets that it has accessed more than 41.7 million emails and 300,000 personal data hosted in 28 Oracle databases. It has also assured that it will not make public the private information of the possible affected.

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