Kaspersky publishes the source code of its antivirus after received accusations of espionage received

Following the accusations received by the US government and statements by the Israeli government accusing the Russian company of collaborating with the government of their country by providing confidential information on the servers of the antivirus, Kaspersky has decided to publish the source code of its software so that it can be analyzed both by the parties involved and independently, and in this way regain the trust and prestige that had on the part of all its customers.

In addition to publishing the source code of its software, Kaspersky has announced that it will conduct independent reviews of its business practices to ensure the integrity of its solutions and internal company processes. It will also create three "transparent" centers that will allow its customers to review the source code of their software. Finally, it has announced rewards of $ 100,000 for those who detect vulnerabilities in their products.

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