Petya, ransomware's new worldwide attack

Numerous companies around the world have been affected by a new ransomware attack that affects computers with Windows systems and requests a rescue of 300 euros in bitcoins to recover the equipment kidnapped.

The most affected countries at the moment are Ukraine, Russia, UK and India, in Spain the incidence has been minimal although several multinationals based in the country have been infected.

Experts say that the virus used in the attack is the virus Petya or Petrwrap, while the company Kaspersky says that it is a new virus that has been designated as NotPetya.

It is speculated that the source of the infection is in Ukraine, one of the countries most affected.

Update 02/07/2017: The Ukrainian security service (SMB) together with international antivirus companies have conducted an investigation which points to Russia as the main artifice of cyberattack. According to Ukraine, the aim was not to receive the bailout in "bitcoins" if it did not disturb state operations and private companies, in addition to provoking political instability in the country.
On the other hand Russia denies these accusations as the country also received cases of ransomware infection.

Update 05/07/2017: Those responsible for NotPetya ask for 250,000 dollars, the equivalent of 100 "bitcoins", to release all the files sequestered. This message has been known after its publication in a deep web plank called DeepPaste, claiming to be the very creators of ransomware by publishing a file signed with the private key of NotPetya.
At the moment the truth of this information is unknown.