Robbed personal data of 143 million users of Equifax.

The US company Equifax, which is dedicated to making credit reports to citizens so that they can or can not access loans, has been hacked for several weeks from mid-May to the end of July. Among the 143 million affected clients' data are complete names, addresses, telephone numbers, social security numbers and more. In addition, the number of credit cards of 209,000 customers and more than 182,000 "dispute documents" have been stolen which could be used to impersonate the affected users. Affected users are mostly US citizens as well as Canadian and British citizens.

The company has made available to its clients a web page in which they can check if their personal information has been exposed and the measures that they must take.

[Updated 09/15/2017]: IT International Operations Manager Mark Rohrwasser and IT Vice President Russ Ayres have been relieved of their duties due to the security incident leading to the theft of personal data from millions of users company.