Shadow Brokers publishes new exploits attributed to the NSA for Windows, Office and banking systems

The group of hackers Shadow Brokers reveals new compromised information related to the hacking tools attributed to the American National Security Agency (NSA). This new information has been made public through GitHub. It is a series of tools and exploits that would allow attacking Windows systems as well as banking systems.

This information allows to deduce that the NSA would have spied the SWIFT system of financial messaging, in particular, a section that serves to banks of Middle East.

In addition, one of the tools exposed could also be related to the Stuxnet worm, which affected in 2010 industrial control systems in an Iranian nuclear plant.

For its part, Microsoft has already published in its official blog the patches for the vulnerabilities that affected its products, and also Talos, the Cisco`s security research team, has published the list of SNORT rules that allow to detect the attacks that use the vulnerabilities disseminated by Shadow Brokers.

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