Cybersecurity in Wireless Comunications in Industrial Enviroments

Posted date 28/09/2017

This guide describes the main wireless technologies used in an industrial environment, and highlights the security features that are implemented by them as well as the recommended good practices to minimise the risks of a cyberincident.

Wireless technologies are becoming more and more prominent everywhere, and also in industrial environments, driven by all other environments where the use of wireless communication technologies is widespread.

Some technologies such as ZigBee or WirelessHART start to consolidate in industrial environments, where devices used for communication are becoming increasingly intelligent, and it is possible to draw an advantage from the simplicity and convenience of the communication systems that use air as a transmission medium.

This study presents a series of technologies used in the industry and lists the possibilities that those technologies offer at the level of security. It also presents a series of recommendations to safeguard confidentiality, integrity and availability of our wireless communications.