Industrial control systems endpoints defence guide

Posted date 22/05/2023
Protection guide for endpoints in industrial control systems image

For several years now, there has been talk of Industry 4.0 and the digitalisation of industrial processes. This evolution has meant that the devices responsible for controlling industrial processes have gradually been replaced by others with better capabilities and greater intelligence, as well as being able to interconnect with each other through a network; these devices are known as IoT (Internet of Things) devices or as IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) devices if they are in an industrial environment.

From the moment a device is connected to a network, it must be properly protected to prevent malicious actions on it, and this applies not only to devices in any network, but also to industrial devices. There are multiple protection measures that adapt to the different needs that a network device may present, so the objective of this study is to present solutions for the defence of end devices or "endpoints" on a theoretical way.

The wording is of a technical nature, but understandable for anyone who wants to understand both the endpoint concept and endpoint defences. In addition, different possible perimeter defences are listed and explained, i.e. both endpoint and external defences are explained.

The order of the contents is distributed in such a way that initially there is an introductory knowledge of endpoints in industrial control systems, together with general risks in ICS and defences for these end devices.