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Financing, work program and call

ASASEC was co-financiaced by the European Union (EU) following the specific program named Prevention and fight against crime, located within the Security and Safeguarding Liberties program,

This concrete program was developed via annual work programmes. Project ASASEC is the answer to one of the calls for proposal issued by the EU in 2010.

The Spanish National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE) Open in new window, along with other beneficiaries, obtained the acceptance and co-financing from the EU for implementation.


The timeframe of the Project was from  November, 2011 to November, 2014


The project ASASEC (Advisory System Against Sexual Exploitation of Children) aimed at developing an innovative technology solution able to improve the current technical means in the fight against child sexual abuse around the world.

The main user of this solution is the Technological Investigation Unit of the National Police in Spain. Nevertheless, its design and development facilitate reuse by other international Security Forces.

This technology solution cover the following aspects related to research and evidence analysis of child sexual abuse crimes:

  • Case and evidence management.
  • Forensic analysis of evidences.
  • Treatment and exploitation of data retrieved from cases and evidences


The project comprises a consortium of (public and private) technologists, and mostly with a remarked innovative nature. In this section you can view a more detailed description of the partners that collaborated with the project.

Instituto Nacional de Ciberseguridad (INCIBE)



It is an organization dependent on the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Business through the Secretary of State for Digital Progress and consolidated as a reference entity for the development of cybersecurity and digital trust for the citizens, academic and research network, professionals, companies and especially for strategic sectors.

With an activity based on research, the provision of services and coordination with the agents with competences in the field, INCIBE contributes to build cybersecurity at a national and international level.

Concerning the project ASASEC, INCIBE assumed the role of coordinator and works actively on design, development and testing states of the projects technological solution.

Asociación de Ingenieros Técnicos en Informática


Official Association of University Graduates in Computer Science

ALI’s main objective is the recognition of the profession of Computer Engineering. Their working group “Information security and information audit” is based upon national and international legislation concerning Information Security and Audit; Voluntary standards, regulations and methods of application.

To ASASEC, ALI assumed the writing of best practice guidelines and procedures on forensic analysis which deals with child sexual abuse material.

Unidad de Investigación Tecnológica del Cuerpo Nacional de Policía


Technological Investigation Unit of the National Police

BIT is a policy unit suited in the Economic and Tax Crime Unit (UDEF), organ of the General Directorate of Police in charge of the investigation and prosecution of illicit activities in a national and international scope regarding economy and tax crimes. BIT is suited to answer the challenges imposed by the new delinquency: child sexual abuse, online scams and frauds, cyber attacks, and so on.

Concerning ASASEC, BIT is the user of the technological solution, deciding then on its initial design, validation and acceptance, as well as taking part on the different actions for disseminating the product.

Universidad de León


University of León

Public Spanish university located in León and Ponferrada cities, centered on the northwest quadrant of the Iberian Peninsula.

The ULE worked on the design, development and testing of the most innovative part of the ASASEC solution, consisting in the usage of artificial vision techniques for the analysis of evidences containing child sexual abuse materials.

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


Technical University of Madrid

Public Spanish university located in the city of Madrid.

The Technical University of Madrid got involved in ASASEC in order to design, develop and test the data mining module. This module is in charge of processing data for the solution and also generates useful information to solve cases involving child sexual abuse.


ASASEC project had a remarked innovative nature. The technological solution developed make use of the more advanced techniques and tools in forensic analysis by using, for instance, artificial vision algorithms embedded in its multimedia engine so that the Security Forces may solve the cases involving child sexual abuse.

Con la financiación de la Comisión de Asuntos Internos de la Unión Europea dentro del Programa para la Prevención y la Lucha contra el Crimen